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Creating peaceful and welcoming areas for all

Combining good design with hygiene

Coming together safely has rarely been in such focus nor taken on such importance.

When it comes to the design, you will need to combine good aesthetics, to create the right mood, with elements to reinforce social distancing and safe areas away from the main flow of traffic.

Keeping everyone safe - your choice of materials is key to maintaining a hygienic space

Not all materials perform in the same way nor offer the same longevity. You’ll be looking for surfaces which are cleanable, hygienic, safe, robust and chemically-resistant, but also, warm, familiar, comfortable and attractive.

Where might you want to create discreet zones? Here are some examples…

Care homes – Design peaceful areas for visitors to sit with relatives away from resident lounges or corridors, or staff areas for carers to take a break.

Offices – Within an existing space, create team, break or brainstorming areas.

Education –Create smaller study zones, staff break areas or quiet zones in libraries, by zoning off part of a space. Picture the student union and make it more atmospheric with individual zones for smaller groups of friends. Classrooms can benefit from zoning to separate out play or activities from reading areas.

Hospitals – Nurses on a 12-hour shift need somewhere to unwind, you can design a distinct area for just that. When it comes to patients, zoning can be used to separate areas for waiting for treatment or to talk to patients or staff, away from the main flow of traffic.


Top recommendations

Use the flooring to create safe, communal zones by changing the colour, pattern or weldrod of the flooring to indicate a separate area and appropriate gaps to maintain social distancing. You could even include signage in the floor utilising our kit cutting service.

You can achieve this with all our products, but here are some of our customer favourites for this

Think about where you put your chairs. As people get up and down and where chairs can bump and scrape the walls, you may want to pay particular attention to maintaining the integrity of your walls, by protecting them with our hygienic wall protection, Altro Fortis Titanium.

If you don’t have chairs right up against the wall, we have other options to create calm and welcoming spaces

Visualise your options now!

  • Choose our new Insta-space software, which lets you upload your own picture and view our solutions in your own space
  • Use our Space visualiser to choose our products in a choice of pre-existing room sets
  • Want to explore our ranges for other areas? Explore with our Product selector for some great recommendations of what works best where, then have a play with our Insta-space or Space visualiser