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Wayfinding and navigation

Directing people to keep them safe

Why are they such a hot topic now?

Effective traffic management through a building has always been a key design element, but it has now become a top priority as we continue living with the challenges of Coronavirus. You could well be having to redesign your environments; allowing for efficient route finding and one-way traffic, while minimising the chances of people getting lost and thus spending more time than necessary in your buildings.

It’s vital to choose the right materials so you don’t compromise hygiene

As you consider how to achieve this, it is good to bear in mind the advantages that our products offer over some other materials. If you use printed overlays for wayfinding and navigation, you may find they are damaged when cleaning; what’s more they are often not heat-resistant and can’t be disinfected as part of a rigorous cleaning regime. The same is not true with our products, which can be steam cleaned at up to 60°C and which offer a more permanent solution to wayfinding and navigation via our kit cutting service or custom walls printing.

Where might you want to incorporate wayfinding and navigation to their best advantage? Here are some examples…

Care homes – Guide visitors and remind residents how to get to lounges in the most direct way. Highlight the route from bedrooms to dining areas, so that those who may have dementia can follow familiar reminders.

Offices – Direct employees and visitors along a way-way system to meeting rooms and canteens. Education – Guide pupils, students, staff and visitors along the most direct route to key areas including libraries, halls and dining areas. Encourage people to follow a clear one-way system by making it obvious and even fun, reducing the risk of their getting lost!

Hospitals – Colour code routes from reception to different departments, reducing the risk of patients, who might have mobility issues, ending up in the wrong part of the building or visitors getting lost.

Hotels – clear signs from bedrooms to lifts, stairs, dining rooms and spas etc, will help eliminate unnecessary wandering and keep guests satisfied that their need for reaching somewhere fast has been considered.


Top recommendations

There are different ways you can choose to achieve effective wayfinding and navigation

  • Use colours to indicate routes and reinforce new one-way systems around the building
  • Complement or contrast colours on our walls, doors and floors to aid navigation
  • Custom print your image or communications on walls with Altro Whiterock Digiclad
  • Use our kit cutting service in floors for aesthetics or wayfinding / navigation

Signage is another key consideration. Communications can be printed directly into our hygienic wall cladding, Altro Whiterock Digiclad, featuring a hard coated protective layer to ensure no compromise in performance, or incorporated into flooring with our kit-cutting service.

Typical messages you might want to include are

  • One-way system in operation
  • Queue in this direction
  • Respect social distancing
  • Wash your hands
  • Please use the complimentary hand sanitiser
  • Please wear a mask in this area

Visualise your options now!

  • Choose our new Insta-space software, which lets you upload your own picture and view our solutions in your own space
  • Use our Space visualiser to choose our products in a choice of pre-existing room sets
  • Want to explore our ranges for other areas? Explore with our Product selector for some great recommendations of what works best where, then have a play with our Insta-space or Space visualiser