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Maintaining hygiene

We work with leading cleaning experts to ensure that our solutions are hygienic and easy to maintain.

Take a closer look at our system...

Altro walls and doors, combined with Altro safety or Altro smooth floors, create an impervious and easy to clean system that meets the hygienic requirements of even the most critical care environments. Altro walls and doors can be cleaned by wiping, steam cleaning or power washing – it’s as simple as that. No grout to trap dirt, and impact-resistant, so none of the issues associated with cracked tiles or damaged paint.

Altro resilient floors feature Altro Easyclean technology to make cleaning regimes easier. It gives them additional scratch and abrasion resistance, helping maintain their look. With safety floors, preventing damage to the floor helps ensure they can perform, preventing slips. Altro Whiterock is the only globally Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) certified PVCu wall sheet, and our walls and floors system is one of the few worldwide to achieve the certification. This means they are approved and can be trusted for use in food preparation areas.

Choosing Altro vinyl flooring, hygienic wall cladding and doorsets reduces cleaning and maintenance time over alternatives such as tiles, paintwork and carpet tiles. In fact, the likelihood of carpet tiles harbouring dirt, germs, hair, skin and other contaminants means they have been banned by the NHS in clinical areas, and are not recommended for food outlets.

As well as reliable, robust solutions, you have our support before, during and after installation for any technical queries through a dedicated Technical Services team.

Three key facts about cleaning our impervious system

  • You can scrub Altro walls and doors thousands of times without damaging them
  • You can steam clean Altro floors thousands of times without damaging them
  • They will not fail, the surface will not get compromised, they are designed to work together as a hygienic system guaranteed to perform for up to 20 years

Maintaining hygiene has become top of everyone’s agenda. Here are some examples of where it matters most…

Care homes - Picture the scene: elderly residents walking down the corridor, manoeuvring round the dining table, getting in and out of bed. Staff rushing everywhere. Visitors bearing gifts. Everyone moves around the care home, spilling things on the floor and bumping into walls and doors. Carpet tiles and carpet do not support the easy maintenance of hygiene – nor do painted walls!

Regular disinfecting is vital; meaning more rigorous and frequent cleaning with stronger chemicals, which won’t stain surfaces, is required and surfaces which tolerate these demands are requisite.

Hospitals - A hospital never rests, people and equipment are forever on the go; so the need to clean and maintain hygiene is constant. Wheelchairs, beds and trolleys are manoeuvred, thousands of feet pace the corridors, bringing the outside in. Maintaining hygiene is about more than being easy-to-clean; resilient surfaces on floors, walls and doors are paramount in the fight against infection.


Education - From pre-school to university, those learning unavoidably come into close contact with each other; therefore, maintaining hygiene is vital. Students of all ages, but particularly the very young, sit on the floor. Moving around classrooms and building inevitably means that hands reach out for walls and doors for support. So for easy maintenance, think vinyl flooring and hygienic wall cladding for where people eat, sleep, learn, play and wash.

Hotels and restaurants – Research indicates that guests return to dine or stay in premises which they perceive to be clean and hygienic. So from dining areas to ensuites, bedrooms and kitchens, keep guests and your staff safe and happy with easy to clean hygienic floors, walls and doors.

Offices – The perception of clean surfaces in offices, including canteens, kitchens, bathrooms and working spaces, is not only a key indicator of how hygienically the premises are maintained, but also goes a long way to making staff feel valued and safe, contributing to their mental wellbeing. Removing materials such as carpet tiles and installing wall cladding over painted walls, is a great start in creating a hygienic environment for all.

We have a lot more information about cleaning. Please visit our cleaning section for our latest tips and to check out our cleaning guides.

Read more about maintaining hygiene across sectors here.

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“I think the floors are super easy to clean. I have worked in many kitchens in my career, and this is the first time I’ve worked on a floor that is so easy to clean. With a tiled floor, I often experienced having to scrub for half an hour to get the floor clean.”

Søren Schwarz
Canteen Manager, Siemens, Sønderborg, Sweden