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Designing for minimal disruption

Changing a small space or whole area, can cause disruption to those who live, work or study in the building.

There is a straightforward way to take the disruption out of rapid space reconfiguration.

Combine adhesive-free flooring with hygienic wall cladding.

How to change your flooring fast!

If you want to alter your flooring to

  • Change the functionality of an area
  • Create flexible, multi-purpose spaces
  • Change the colours / patterns to aid a one-way system
  • Create zoning and boundaries
  • Refresh the design for improved cleaning, hygiene and wellbeing

then here’s an easier way to do it…

Use Altro adhesive-free flooring to save you up to 50% installation time and 35% costs

Closing a busy space for a lengthy period is not an option, so by installing an adhesive-free floor the work can be completed quickly so that traffic flow is uninterrupted.

Here’s the process

  • Remove your existing flooring, such as carpet tiles or old lino / vinyl
  • Ensure the floor is free of any remaining debris
  • Install an Altro adhesive-free floor direct over the substrate without any need to use a levelling compound, damp-proof membrane or adhesive – saving you up to 50% installation time and up to 35% costs (see below)
  • Weld and walk on the same day
  • No need for wet trades
  • Minimal disruption for you, get everyone back to normal faster

What if you don’t want to remove your existing flooring?

You can lay adhesive-free flooring over it and remove it without damaging your original floor when you wish to.

A customer of ours in Denmark has recently overlaid their lino flooring with Altro Cantata, as they believed the lino would not stand up to the new volume of hand sanitiser being spilled on it. The reasons for overlaying your floor with adhesive-free flooring may be many, but you’ll end up with one successful result!

We have three adhesive-free ranges to choose from

Altro Cantata colour Willow Tree

Altro Cantata

- smooth floor, newly refreshed range

Altro Wood adhesive-free colour Imperial Walnut

Altro Wood adhesive-free

- biophilic safety floor

Altro XpressLay colour Lupin

Altro XpressLay

- safety floor


Want to know more? Adhesive-free technology in a nutshell…

  • Halves installation time, minimises downtime - depending on substrate condition: a 200m2 corridor can be laid in two days compared with four days with an adhered floor covering, with an approximate 35% cost saving
  • Up to 14db impact sound reduction and comfort underfoot
  • With 15-year life expectancy and 10-year guarantee you needn’t fear that an adhesive-free product will let you down
  • Helps you meet sustainability goals – environmental credentials: sustainable option - 100% recyclable post-consumer
  • Sustainable wellbeing – easy to clean, hygienic solution
  • Easy maintenance - an adhesive-free floor is a great problem-solver. Subfloors will stay clean from adhesive; and easy access to the subfloors for maintenance or repairs means less damage to floors and walls
  • No adhesive-associated odours, which is vital in a hospital or care home, with areas which cannot be closed; therefore, keeping disruption and distress to users to a minimum
  • Save money – save costs on disposal by diverting your waste from landfill or recycling the floor and reusing it somewhere else
  • Provides the same low residual indentation as adhered flooring
  • Can be used for kit-cutting to aid wayfinding and navigation in the same way as adhered flooring

See what Anna Carrier at The Lawns Care Home has to say about her adhesive-free installation

We have developed our complete technical systems guides to give you information about installing our floors, walls and doors in specific environments, all in one place.
Find out more

How to change your walling fast!

Altro Whiterock hygienic wall cladding can be installed directly over tiles or a painted wall.

  • It requires no grout so you avoid all the maintenance problems associated with it and time required to grout in the first instance
  • It comes in sheets in different size options to provide coverage from floor to ceiling, or just a partial wall covering, as required
  • For smaller areas such as washrooms, toilets and kitchens, Altro Whiterock Splashbacks are available as kits in a range of sizes to suit most hand wash basins and vanity units, or custom-sized for the perfect fit
  • It can match or contrast with our doorsets and is complemented by colour-matched sealants and weldrods for speedy finishing which doesn’t compromise on aesthetics

Visualise your options now!

  • Choose our new Insta-space software, which lets you upload your own picture and view our solutions in your own space
  • Use our Space visualiser to choose our products in a choice of pre-existing room sets

Want to explore our ranges for other areas? Explore with our Product selector for some great recommendations of what works best where, then have a play with our Insta-space or Space visualiser