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Design tips to promote calm, reduce stress, encourage learning

Incorporating the colours and patterns of nature for significant health benefits

We have an attachment to nature as our body is synced to the natural environment around us. It’s called biophilia. It means we are more likely to resonate with colours which are linked to nature.

This can help with calming the mind in busy work lives, reducing stress and anxiety, and promoting psychological recuperation.

Where can you use biophilic principles to best effect? Here are some examples…

Hospitals – Calming biophilic designs and shades are frequently chosen in hospitals to promote recovery and sleep; making them ideal in wards. They can reduce anxiety in waiting or outpatient areas. They create a peaceful environment in staff rooms and offices, enabling staff to recharge their batteries. They are often the colours and designs that greet you as you first enter reception, contributing to a sense of calm when you may be feeling stressed.

Care homes – Biophilic designs are frequently specified in visitor lounges and reception areas, to create a calm and welcoming atmosphere; in dining areas to make eating a relaxed and pleasurable experience; and in bedrooms to calm the mind and promote sleep. They can also contribute to making staff offices a calm place to work.

Education – Classrooms often incorporate wood designs on the floor and scenes of nature on the wall for two main purposes: to promote calm among excitable children and stimulate learning. These designs carry on into dining and play areas where calm is also desirable. In universities, biophilic designs are a favourite in libraries and halls of residence bedrooms to create a suitable environment for individual study; and are also to be found in dining, general circulation and visitor areas to create a welcoming mood.

Offices – For anyone who spends many hours indoors each day, bringing the essence of the outdoors in via images and colours of nature is vital in maintaining a positive mood; this is why biophilic designs are becoming increasingly popular in large, open-plan offices, staff rooms and kitchen areas. Not only do they contribute to calm working environment, but they can help reduce stress too.

HospitalityHotels incorporate biophilia into bedroom designs, to create the right mood and help achieve a good night’s sleep! All customer areas, such as salons, spas, reception and dining areas can benefit from the mood created by biophilic designs. Restaurants create an ambience of comfort and peace with biophilic designs, which can contribute to the stimulation of appetite.

Retail – Not only will biophilic images create a more positive mood for retail staff who spend their working day indoors, it will enhance the experience of shoppers, encouraging them to spend longer in your premises.


Top recommendations

Many of the flooring shades we offer are deliberately drawn from nature, with Altro Pisces, our specialist safety floor for wet environments, and all the ranges in the Altro Wood collection being great examples of this. Altro Orchestra is available in designs featuring the calming neutral tones of nature.

When it comes to walls, as well as using shades of Altro Whiterock Satins or Altro Whiterock Chameleon, to create a more natural feeling, Altro Whiterock Digiclad is often chosen to display your own choice of photographic images of nature. Altro Whiterock wall designs brings you a choice of wood patterns, making it easy to bring the harmony of outside in.

Many of our most popular shades are natural ones: woods, greens, blues, floral shades. Use our visualisation options below to picture your space in biophilic hues and see what a difference they make. By using these shades you can make the spaces areas where people want to work, while contributing to wellbeing.

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