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Aesthetics for general mental wellbeing

The design of your spaces is key in reassuring all users – and particularly staff - that you have considered their mental wellbeing as carefully as their physical safety. Aesthetics not only create the right environment but also are vital in calming and alleviating anxiety and stress and can also promote healing.

This section will deal with aesthetics for general mental wellbeing. We have developed specialist mental health recommendations here.

Designed with you for real world applications

Only perfect harmony in its technical functions as well as in its proportions can result in beauty.
Walter Gropius

We take the design of our products seriously. We spend many years developing them internationally both with you and design consultants to ensure they resonate with local tastes; this is why we are able to offer such a broad yet relevant palette, in the knowledge that we have provided you with enough choice to make a personalised design statement for your environment.


Were you aware we offer all this?

  • Colour – Pastel, primary, neutrals, naturals. Hundreds in total to choose from
  • Finish – Gloss, satin, matt. Smooth or textured
  • Pattern – Linen, stone, wood, weave, chipped, flaked, solid matt colour, sparkle / non-sparkle, terrazzo
  • Texture – Perfectly smooth or lightly textured
  • Custom – Bespoke colours available for floors, doors and walls, subject to minimum order quantities, or custom print your image or communications on walls with Altro Whiterock Digiclad
  • Kit cutting in floors – for aesthetics or wayfinding / navigation
  • DSDC accredited floors and walls ranges for specifying for dementia
  • Format – Sheets, rolls, LVTs, kits, resins. Endless possibilities. Take our LVTs as just one example: modular sizes you can mix and match to create unique patterns utilising colour and design. Get some inspiration with Altro Ensemble
  • UV stability for lasting good looks

Selecting the right palette

We renew our palettes regularly to make sure they continue to inspire you and are suitable for the sectors in which you work.

We’ve developed some online tools so you can have a play with our ranges and colours and see what they would look like in your space.

Visualise your options now!

  • Choose our new Insta-space software, which lets you upload your own picture and view our solutions in your own space
  • Use our Space visualiser to choose our products in a choice of pre-existing room sets
  • Want to explore our ranges for other areas? Explore with our Product selector for some great recommendations of what works best where, then have a play with our Insta-space or Space visualiser