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DRMM Architects

Awarded an Altro Design Recognition Award for:

The design of Maggie’s Centre at the Royal Oldham Hospital, using:

Altro Flexiflow

DRMM Architects have created a human-centric environment, bringing the outdoors in with their clever use of natural shape and biophilic design. The central garden area commands the space, creating a feature wall which brings enrichment in the form of a natural centrepiece, filling the space with light.

Maggie’s Centre is a healing environment, with Altro Flexiflow in Safety Yellow brightening the space to bring sunshine – even on a cloudy day. This bright and warm design continues with the cosy, cabin-style wooden ceiling. Within the shared space are ‘bubbles’ for people to enjoy one another’s company, and it is this feature which brings the warmth, not only in the design of the space, but in its usage, too.