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Altro UniPad data sheet

Altro UniPad™

high performance floor cleaning pad

March 2015

The Altro UniPad cleaning pad has been specifically developed to provide an improved cleaning tool for use on all resilient safety flooring and when used as part of a quality cleaning regime the Altro UniPad can make a significant improvement to the long term serviceability of flooring as well as creating a cleaner and healthier environment.

The Altro UniPad cleaning pad Health and Safety considerations
  • When used with AltroClean™ 44 and 44+ and good general cleaning practices the Altro UniPad will out perform many traditional cleaning pads.
  • These pads are non abrasive when used with cleaning fluids or clean water and can be used on a variety of flooring materials. (Please contact the floor surface manufacturer for further information)
  • Pads are available as double sided machine pads or single sided hand mop pads suitable for use with most hand mop carriers.
  • The Altro UniPad should be used and maintained in line with good cleaning and hygiene maintenance practices.
  • As with all pads, in order to maintain optimum standards of hygiene, the pads should be thoroughly cleaned and dried between uses and stored in a clean and dry environment.
  • Pads should be used with AltroClean 44, AltroClean 44+ or similar cleaning fluids diluted with clean warm water.
  • Make sure that the pad to be used is new or has been cleaned and dried in accordance with the above health and safety precautions and good general cleaning practices.


Maintenance details for the full range of Altro floors are available from Altro.

Size Description Code
14” x 4” Hand mop cleaning pad (box of 10) AHCP14/4/10
13” Machine cleaning pad (box of 5) AMCP13/5
15” Machine cleaning pad (box of 5) AMCP15/5
16” Machine cleaning pad (box of 5) AMCP16/5
17” Machine cleaning pad (box of 5) AMCP17/5

For further information or technical advice
call our Customer Care Centre on 01426 489516
or email:

NOTE: “Altro Ltd” (“Altro”) endeavours to ensure that advice and information given in Product Data Sheets, Method Statements and Material Safety Data Sheets (all known as Product Literature) is accurate and correct. However, where Altro has no control over the selection of its products for particular applications, it is important that any prospective customer, user or specifier, satisfies him / herself that the product is suitable for the intended application. In this process, due regard should be taken of the nature and composition of the background / base and the ambient conditions both at the time of laying / applying / installing / curing of the material and when the completed work is to be brought into use.

However, as site conditions and the execution of the work are beyond our control, we accept no resultant liability.

Altro’s policy is one of continuous research and development and we reserve the right to update our products and information at any time without prior notice.