Continuing professional development

In order to continue our commitment to industry development and high quality customer service, Altro have developed a range of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses focusing on main issues surrounding flooring and walling products and the wider construction industry:

  • designing for Dementia
  • how to reduce the risk of slipping
  • resin - where function meets design
  • prevention is better than cure
  • designing for mental health
  • Altro factory tour: Innovation in manufacturing product design

See the tabs below for more information about these CPDs. Each seminar is approximately one hour long and is designed to fit flexibly within busy work schedules. Courses are delivered by members of our sales team, either on site at your offices, or by arrangement at the Altro Showroom, London.


These courses are RIBA  approved and are designed to encourage delegate interaction to promote knowledge share. Each course aims to:

  • develop understanding of the key considerations when selecting flooring and walling finishes
  • outline important health and safety elements
  • provide installation guidance, hints and tips

For more details or to book a course, please contact our Customer Care Centre on 01462 707604 or email Alternatively visit the Altro Showroom London.

Designing for dementia

With an ageing population increasing the number of dementia cases, this CPD has been designed to give delegates a clear insight of the fundamental aspects of designing for dementia environments.

How to reduce the risk of slipping

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), slips and trips are the most common cause of major / specified injuries to employees. The specification of appropriate flooring is an important way of controlling risk. This seminar coincides with the HSE’s campaign to reduce slips by education and enforcement and covers:

  • The regulations
  • Statistics
  • HSE activity
  • Flooring slip test methods

Resin - where function meets design

From machine shops to warehouses, resin systems are providing the performance required to keep the wheels of industry rolling. But what type of resin should you use? Will it resist chemicals and be easy to clean? You'll find the answers to these and other questions by attending this seminar.

Prevention is better than cure

Defect-free construction is a major industry preoccupation. This seminar looks at the principal causes of failure and how to get your product selection and installation right first time.

Altro Factory Tour: innovation in manufacturing product design

This tour of our manufacturing plant and laboratories will focus on how safety flooring is manufactured, how new products are developed and provide guidance on issues, legislation and standards affecting the specification of safety flooring. You will be taken through the history of Altro and how we continue to lead the way through the delivery of innovative solutions, in which sustainability objectives underpin our decision making processes. This course/workshop/tour focuses on

  • The composition of safety flooring and how it works
  • The manufacturing process
  • The history of safety flooring and how it has developed over the years
  • Different types of safety flooring to suit different requirements
  • Cleaning requirements for safety flooring
  • Measuring slip resistance

Designing for mental health

What are the considerations needed when designing for mental health? How important are these considerations in terms of practicalities, but also the needs and wellbeing of individuals? This CPD will provide guidance on general design principles and when/where more specialist designs are required and why, plus where to find further guidance.