Altro floors holiday shutdown 2018

As the festive season approaches, with the inevitable resulting time pressures, we thought we should turn your attention to ensuring that the deliveries you need will arrive in time.

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Self-adhesive flooring for transport

Self-adhesive flooring

Altro transport flooring with self-adhesive backing

Altro self-adhesive transport flooring provides a quick and easy solution to enhance installation efficiencies and minimise vehicle downtime.

Using a pressure-sensitive backing tape, self-adhesive flooring provides an intuitive installation solution that reduces fitting processes, while still providing maximum performance. Ideally suited to projects where downtime can be costly, self-adhesive flooring can be installed directly onto all commonly-used subfloors and is available for all existing Altro transport flooring products.

Once laid, it can be welded and walked on immediately, enabling any subsequent assembly work to continue without delay. So, by replacing manual adhesive application with our odourless self-adhesive backing you can achieve a fast, efficient install with the added advantage of virtually no VOC emissions.

The uniform application of adhesive utilised in our self-adhesive backing has also been proven to remove excess weight. Tests have shown that self-adhesive flooring achieves a minimum adhesive weight saving of 60% per m² when compared to recommended applications of polyurethane and contact adhesives.

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