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Safety for rail passengers

Passengers using rail networks naturally expect to travel in comfort and safety. As the inventors of safety flooring, Altro create solutions that directly address the costly risks presented by potential slips, trips and falls. Our products are designed to help protect against the effects that external contaminants, such as water, ice, dust and even spillages, and general surface wear can commonly have on passenger safety.

Exposure to contaminants is unavoidable for any vehicle with passengers boarding from different climates and environments. To combat this, Altro vinyl and acrylic flooring contains a variety of aggregates which create additional surface friction to safeguard passenger footing.

Maintaining contact

The presence of surface contaminants – in even the smallest amounts – can reduce contact between the floor and the sole of passengers’ shoes. When subjected to the downward pressure of passengers’ feet, the aggregates in Altro's acrylic transport flooring are able to penetrate surface contaminants to maintain the contact between the floor and shoe.

Sustained performance

At peak times, passengers will often be standing while the train is in motion, making effective slip-resistance essential. Many alternative materials depend on grooved surfaces to provide this, however, these are prone to wear, require regular maintenance, and only provide slip resistance in one direction. The natural resilience of the mineral aggregates used in Altro acrylic rail floors actually enhances durability and provides slip resistance for the life of the product.

Altro Transflor Tungsten installed in a metro train