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Engineered for performance

We know that you expect the very best in engineering for every component of your rail car, flooring included. We’re confident that each feature of our rail floor products performs to your highest expectation.

Slip resistance

Our rail floors are engineered to ensure that your passengers and staff can travel and work in safety. For our safest option, consider Altro Transflor Tungsten: the safest HL-2 compliant rail floor on the market, achieving a PTV 40, and an R11.


Altro’s resilient transport floors are engineered to stand up to the extremely high levels of concentrated foot traffic of rail applications, a quality backed up by long guarantees. Some Altro transport floors have been in situ for as long as 20 years, and still continue to perform.


All Altro rail products are designed to be competitive in weight. The potential reduction in weight that can be achieved by selecting an Altro product can make a positive contribution to greater fuel economy and general wear.


If contaminants are brought on board a train, Altro transport floors continue to perform. The construction of our products, combined with heat welded installation techniques, makes them impervious to the ingress of water and dirt; protecting subfloors from damage and preventing the need for costly repairs.


We offer a range of solutions to streamline your installations available across the portfolio.

Altro Transflor Tungsten installed on the Stuttgarter Strassenbahnen