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Adaptions that are easy to clean and maintain is an important consideration. Quite often carers are in the workforce or are themselves elderly. Having an environment that is easy to keep clean makes life easier – and safer - for everyone. Surfaces that are impervious and can be washed and even steam cleaned allows the highest levels of hygiene to be maintained.

Altro’s bathroom solution provides a watertight and integrated floor and wall system that is easy to clean and is safe with a number of contaminants such as shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. Altro Pisces, our specialist flooring, is designed to keep you safe in wetrooms, bathrooms, toilets, saunas…anywhere you will come into contact with water. It keeps you safe whether you are barefoot or wearing shoes, so you are safe no matter what you’re wearing (or not!).

Tiles and grouting are porous, making them more susceptible to harbouring bacteria. Tiles chip and crack more easily, allowing dirt and bacteria to collect and hide from cleaners. They can also allow water to reach the substrate, causing damage to walls. Grout lines are particularly vulnerable and even epoxy grout is susceptible. Unlike tiles, Altro safety floors have no grout, giving bacteria nowhere to hide. For kitchens, Altro XpressLay provides an imperious surface that is easy to clean. It looks good, too, and comes in a range of 42 shades to fit in to any existing interior design.