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Looking for specific sector information?

Altro have full building solutions for a variety of sectors and their specific needs, from high levels of safety and hygiene for healthcare to colourful and robust solutions for schools and leisure centres.

Altro brand image for health and care woman chatting to nurse

Health and care


We know that visiting unfamiliar hospital environments may cause anxiety and stress; so we have designed a full package of floors, walls and doors to create a welcoming, easy to clean, colourful, hygienic and safe environment.

For specialist areas such as mental health facilities, we can provide bespoke options to create a safe and hygienic environment for all. The Altro Possibilities Studio displays nine different room specifications to help you select the right products for your needs.

Care homes

We know that care home residents may face physical challenges, complex learning difficulties or additional needs. Our aim is to work with you to create welcoming, attractive, inclusive and safe spaces to help residents live well physically and emotionally, using durable floor, wall and door solutions developed with this in mind.

Altro Orchestra installed at Charles Clifford Dental Hospital in the UK



Altro’s bus flooring range covers a breadth of possibilities, offering uncompromising sustained slip resistance in a variety of design finishes. Discover how our products can help create safe, inviting bus interiors, no matter what the application.


Our rail flooring products are designed to meet compliance regulations and provide safety protection that you can rely on, all while offering wide design options enabling you to provide the modern, comfortable interiors that your passengers expect.

Altro Ensemble installed at Palocoratdo Restaurant in Spain Hospitality

We are the only manufacturer to provide walls, doors and resin and vinyl floors that can be used throughout the hospitality environment. So from the goods in to the front door, and everywhere in between, we have the solution to meet your needs that won’t compromise on design for customer areas or safety for back of house.

Altro Ensemble installed at Palocoratdo Restaurant in Spain Education

From nurseries to university accommodation, we can create a learning environment that will support student wellbeing and safety and will stand the test of time. Our products provide a full package of floors, walls and doors that can deal with the knocks and bumps of school days, and make an environment students, teachers and staff can be proud of.

Altro Ensemble installed at Palocoratdo Restaurant in Spain Housing

The way a home looks is just as important as how it functions. Altro has the solutions for housing and adaptations to make a house a home. Altro’s range of contemporary and traditional colours, different textures and finishes – including wood – will give you everything you need to complete a new build or upgrade existing accommodation and facilities.

Altro Ensemble installed at Palocoratdo Restaurant in Spain Leisure

Altro has a range of colours, textures and designs that create a welcoming environment that can cope with high levels of footfall in the leisure environment - and the need for safety in specialist areas such as bathrooms, changing rooms and spas.

Altro Ensemble installed at Palocoratdo Restaurant in Spain Retail and offices

Altro has designer options for customer and employee environments that use biophillic design to create a welcoming environment that supports wellbeing. Our solutions are easy to clean and maintain and is durable to deal with high levels of footfall.

Cross-sector applications

Altro Ensemble installed at Palocoratdo Restaurant in Spain Kitchens

We have over 60 years’ experience in kitchens – so we’ve seen it all. Our specialist safety floor and hygienic wall sheet system for kitchens provides an impervious, easy to clean and safe solution with industry-leading guarantees that is Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) approved and meets HSE standards.

Altro Ensemble installed at Palocoratdo Restaurant in Spain Wet environments

We have specialist floor and wall solutions for wet environments that provides the highest standards of safety in shoes or barefeet, with an extensive colour palette to create a warm and welcoming environment.