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Altro Pol

Altro Pol is a complementary part of the Altro flooring package, facilitating subfloor design and repair, in readiness to receive resilient flooring systems or synthetic resin floor finishes. Altro Pol is a stabilised styrene butadiene copolymer designed to enhance the physical properties of cement based floor screeds and repair compounds. It contains integral antifoam and antioxidant agents.

The incorporation of Altro Pol in cementitious compositions imparts greatly improved flexural strength, which together with the high bonding and fast-curing capacity allows the production of thin section seamless floor screeds with excellent durability and overall properties.

Altro Pol is supplied as a white mobile liquid. It is readily diluted with water and then used to gauge the screed mixture of cement and aggregates to provide the desired performance characteristics

Please find specific product data below. For our full range of technical information visit our technical documents section. For any further queries please call our Customer Care Centre on 01462 489516.

AltroPol technical data sheet

Altro Pol MSDS