Safety floor header. A nurse walking along a hospital corridor.
When you work in a demanding environment assessed as having a very high slip risk, where specific contaminants are constantly present and the risk of spillages is unavoidable, you need a specialist flooring solution capable of dealing with everything thrown at it.
Smooth flooring header. Two young children playing on the floor.
When it comes to your environments, we know that first impressions count. And your floor is one of the most important elements to get right. For many low slip risk spaces, both aesthetics and performance are important. You want a solution that’s versatile and offers a great choice of colours and finishes as well as being a surface you can rely on.
Resin floors header. The entrance to an office building.
Tough. Durable. Good-looking. As one of the most versatile floor solutions, an Altro epoxy or polyurethane resin system is suitable for locations ranging from decorative public areas to heavy duty manufacturing plants.
Rail floors header. A lady with a suitcase walks into the carriage of a train.
Around the world rail is vital in helping countries to develop their economies and mobilise the population. With rail travel a regular part of people’s lives, we know that passengers expect comfort, modernity and, above all, safety. Our solutions meet these expectations, as well as your technical requirements.
Bus flooring header. A view down the aisle of a coach.
We know how important it is for the bus and coach industry to meet international demands for greater product innovation and affordable public transport. Our safety flooring products not only give you design freedom but also deliver sustained slip resistance to help protect your passengers in both wet and dry conditions.