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Entry points


The entrance area for social housing flats are the gateway to multiple homes. The type of traffic here includes feet, bikes, pushchairs, pets, and with residents moving in and out, furniture, boxes, cases, bin bags, white goods and more. All of this adds up to the need for a robust floor that won’t be damaged the first time a fridge is wheeled across it.

Altro Reliance 25 is a heavy-duty, 2.5mm thick safety floor, backed with a twenty-year guarantee. Its high level of slip resistance reduces slips to one in a million, giving residents protection from walked-in rainwater. Available in 27 shades including neutral Biscuit, Rust red and Twilight blue, tough doesn’t mean boring.

In a space that sees so much activity, prolonged downtime may not be an option. Altro XpressLay can halve installation time and it’s possible to lay, weld and walk on the same day. There are no adhesive odours to disturb residents. Its 10-year guarantee, sustained slip resistance, durability and cleanability mean that it’s an ideal solution for a busy communal space.


With the constant comings and goings of people and their belongings, the walls need to stand up to bangs and bashes. Without the right protection, the tough love will quickly show, particularly in vulnerable areas such as the corners. Regular deep cleaning isn’t always possible, so this area needs to be easy to maintain.

Dense, impervious and resistant to bumps, Altro Fortis Titanium wall protection is designed to protect these busy areas and can be wiped clean. Its ten shades, which vary from classic White to bold Cardinal red, run through so, unlike paint or some alternative wall coverings, a scrape doesn’t remove the colour. Use alongside Altro Fortis corner protection, a ready-made piece that protects the areas most susceptible to damage from regular knocks.

Circulation areas/communal areas


As we move towards residents’ homes, noise reduction becomes important, as does the look; not only does a more homely look feel more appropriate but anecdotal feedback tells us that if a communal area looks good, it’s more likely that residents will look after it.

As this floor leads to residents’ front doors, with anything other than a new-build, installation time will need to be quick. Altro Wood adhesive-free can halve installation time and, as with all Altro adhesive-free floors, can be installed over existing flooring or on fresh concrete. Its variety of wood-look shades look homely and warm and 14dB impact sound reduction helps reduce noise in a busy area. Its sustained slip-resistance helps prevent slips from walked-in rainwater, or spills.

Altro Wood Comfort combines a natural, homely look with durability and safety. In addition, it offers 14dB impact sound reduction, helping keep the noise down and its 12 wood-look options start the feel of home before you reach the front door. Altro Wood Comfort offers sustained slip resistance for the lifetime of the floor and reduces the risk of a slip to one in a million.


As the entrance space leads to smaller communal areas and narrower corridors, knocks to the wall will be more frequent and in areas such as outside the lift, where residents have to wait, it’s likely that people will lean against them, as well as rest bags and anything else they may be carrying. As with entrance areas, maintenance needs to be easy to avoid the need for regular deep cleaning.

When the going gets tough, enter Altro Fortis Titanium wall protection, designed to protect these busy areas. With ten shades it’s possible to colour-code different floors and avoid a clinical look. It features a lightly textured surface, which camouflages scuffs, keeping the wall area looking better for longer. Use alongside Altro Fortis corner protection, a ready-made piece that protects the areas most susceptible to damage from regular knocks.


Housing Associations have a responsibility under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 to ensure that residents are safe. A common specification is a 30-minute fire resisting standard and self-closing devices for room doorsets, corridor fire doorsets and partitions adjoining circulation corridors. In blocks of flats, the external door to a flat should be a fire door to protect common areas from the spread of flame and smoke. Other locations will depend on the risk assessment and fire plan of the buildings. Internal doors could be fire doors depending on the size of the apartment and distance from the flat entrance door. See Approved Document B Volumes 1 and 2 of the building Regulations for more information.

When a fire door is needed, we offer doorsets that have been tested to BS476 Part 22: 1987 Clause 7 and have been assessed to meet either 30-minute or one-hour integrity and insulation. These are available in single, leaf and half-door options. Altro Whiterock hygienic doorsets are faced with PVCu, making them tough and impact-deflective, but also hygienic and low maintenance. They are available in all shades of Altro Whiterock White, Altro Whiterock Satins and Altro Whiterock Chameleon, to match or contrast the adjacent walls. Altro Fortis door protection is hard-wearing, impact and scuff-resistant where needed most. If you want the look of Altro Whiterock on one side, with the toughness of Altro Fortis on the other, that’s no problem. Both options are available with a vision panel to comply with fire door requirements and are wipe-clean.