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General circulation/corridors


School circulation areas are used almost constantly - thousands of footsteps on a daily basis - so the floor needs to be durable and easy to clean. Corridors, break-out areas and reception spaces take up the largest amount of floor space within a school, and act as the gateway to the rest of the building. This means down-time in term time isn’t an option, so installation needs to be quick and straight-forward.

Altro Cantata is a soft-look adhesive-free floor that offers 14dB impact sound reduction and comfort underfoot. Installation is half that of a traditionally adhered floor: you can weld and walk the same day, even over fresh concrete. There are no rucks or movement when down, a promise backed by a ten-year guarantee. At the end of its life the entire floor can be uplifted and reused or recycled.

If the installation is for a new-build, or a holiday-time refurbishment, and an adhered floor is preferred, consider Altro Orchestra, which offers 15dB impact sound reduction and comfort underfoot.


As the most regularly used areas in the school, general circulation area walls will be constantly bumped and knocked by bags, coats, shoes and equipment trollies. An area that pupils, staff and visitors see as soon as they come into the school, the walls play a major role in first impressions and need to look good for the long term.

Dense, impervious and resistant to bumps, Altro Fortis Titanium wall sheet is designed to protect these busy, vulnerable areas. Its ten shades, which vary from classic White to bold Cardinal red, run through so, unlike paint or some alternative wall coverings, a scrape doesn’t remove the colour. Use alongside Altro Fortis corner protection, a ready-made piece that protects the areas most susceptible to damage from regular knocks.

Entrance/reception areas


This area has a variety of functions: it’s an office, a waiting room and, as the first area of the school that parents and visitors see, a space that represents the school’s ethos. First impressions count here and, as a workspace, it needs to be a calm oasis in the surrounding bustle. As most people in this area will be coming in from outside, the risk of walked in rainwater, and therefore a slip, is high, so a safety floor will protect students, staff and visitors from slips.

Altro Wood Comfort combines a natural, homely look with safety. In addition, it offers 14dB impact sound reduction, helping prevent constant footsteps disturbing office staff. It coordinates with Altro Wood and Altro Wood adhesive-free, meaning you can run the same shade through several rooms, choosing the technical performance you need for each one.

If prolonged downtime isn’t an option, consider Altro Wood adhesive-free, which halves installation time - and no adhesive means no associated odours during and post installation. With 14dB impact sound reduction and a one in a million slip-resistance reassurance, it offers high levels of comfort underfoot, providing a safe, durable and decorative solution.


This is a fantastic space to showcase a school: it’s the first space students, parents and visitors will experience, making it an ideal opportunity to reflect the school’s values and standards.

Altro Whiterock Digiclad enables a school to put its own stamp on its main space. Choose from the school logo, images of students past or present, or local landmarks to inspire knowledge and pride, the possibilities are endless. In addition to photos or art, this walls system can be used to support wayfinding, featuring signage or instructions. And, as needed for this busy area, Altro Whiterock Digiclad is durable and scratch-resistant, ensuring the walls look good for the long-term.


The department for children, schools and families’ publication Building Bulletin 100 (BB 100) is a design guide for improving fire safety in schools, covering new and existing buildings. It specifies the minimum fire resistance of doors in terms of integrity (minutes) when tested to BS 476 pt.22:1987 clause 7. The required ratings are different in different areas. Altro doorsets have an FD30 and FD60 rating, making them suitable for areas with this requirement.

Altro Whiterock hygienic doorsets are faced with PVCu, making them tough and impact-deflective, but also hygienic and low maintenance. They are available in all shades of Altro Whiterock White, Altro Whiterock Satins and Altro Whiterock Chameleon, to match or contrast the adjacent walls. Altro Fortis door doorsets and Altro Fortis door protection is hard-wearing, impact and scuff-resistant where needed most. If you want the look of Altro Whiterock on one side, with the toughness of Altro Fortis on the other, that’s no problem. Both options are available with a vision panel to comply with fire door requirements and are wipe-clean.