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Entrance/reception areas


These spaces are incredibly busy. Feet and wheels constantly come and go, people wait in seated areas for transport or loved ones, and reception staff work. The variety in usage puts great demand on the flooring. Plus, with so much movement of vulnerable people and busy staff, the risk of walked in rainwater, and therefore a slip, is high, so a safety floor is needed.

These spaces are in constant use: literally 24-hours a day in some cases when you consider accident and emergency, and patient access to waiting areas, so prolonged downtime is not an option. When this is the case, Altro XpressLay can halve installation time – it’s possible to lay, weld and walk on the same day - and no adhesive means no associated odours. Its 10-year guarantee, sustained slip resistance, durability and cleanability mean that it’s more than up to the task of coping with the demands of this busy space.

If there is more time for installation, or an adhered floor is preferred, Altro Suprema reduces the risk of a slip to one in a million, keeping people safe at a time when watching their step is the last thing on their mind. Its 15-year life expectancy combines with sustained slip resistance, giving peace of mind that the floor will do the job it’s meant to for the long term in spite of the high levels of traffic in this area. Altro Easyclean Technology helps ensure that the floor can be cleaned easily and retain its looks for longer.


This space is the first impression that most patients and visitors will have of the hospital. Many will spend time waiting here, and it’s often where the first interaction with staff takes place. It needs to balance professional with welcoming, while being quick and easy to clean. Altro Whiterock wall designs impress, without compromising on durability. Natural wood, stone, linen and metal options can be used alone or combined, giving multiple design options. They fit perfectly with our floors and can be used with Altro Whiterock, or Altro Fortis, to run into adjacent areas. As you would expect from Altro Whiterock, the sheets are impact-resistant, impervious and can be wiped clean, making life easier for cleaning and maintenance staff.

General circulation/corridors to waiting areas/ward areas/physiotherapy


These corridors are there to get us from A to B and are in action around the clock. They also lead to, and pass, waiting areas for various clinics and departments. There are practical needs, including being easy to keep clean and able to cope with trollies, pushchairs and wheelchairs. At the same time, these spaces take us to nervously anticipated appointments, to visit sick relatives and wait for news, making the need to also create comfortable, quiet spaces clear.

These busy spaces are in constant use and may be the only way to access other areas, meaning that they can’t be out of action for long. Easy-to-clean Altro Cantata is a soft-look adhesive-free floor available in 17 shades, from subtle naturals to beautifully vivid, but designed for hard-working spaces. It offers 14dB impact sound reduction, key for these busy areas, and comfort underfoot. Being so near to waiting areas, treatment rooms and wards, installing Altro Cantata has the benefit of no adhesive odours that could affect patients and staff. Installation is half that of a traditionally adhered floor and there are no rucks or movement when down.

If there is more time for installation, or an adhered floor is preferred, Altro Orchestra is a durable floor that provides comfort under foot, ideal for staff who far exceed their 10,000 daily steps. At the same time its excellent resistance to residual indentation ensures the floor copes with trollies and chairs. Altro Orchestra offers 15dB impact sound reduction, reducing the sound of passing footsteps and creating a calmer working and waiting space. Its choice of 40 shades and three designs makes it easy to use colour and appearance to support wayfinding and to create a non-clinical look.


The hustle and bustle of hospital corridors and large spaces means bags, wheelchairs, trollies and hospital beds, and walls, will collide. They are not somewhere that can regularly be decorated, or deep-cleaned, but broken corners and chipped paint is not the best look for a healthcare space.

Dense, impervious and resistant to bumps, Altro Fortis Titanium wall protection is designed to protect these busy but vulnerable areas. Its ten shades, which vary from classic White to bold Cardinal red, run through so, unlike paint or some alternative wall coverings, a scrape doesn’t remove the colour. Use alongside Altro Fortis corner protection, a ready-made piece that protects the areas most susceptible to damage from regular knocks.

You could be in a waiting area for minutes, or hours. Either way, a clean, vibrant space will make that time more pleasant. For the parents of distressed or bored children, an interesting space can offer precious distraction.

Altro Whiterock Digiclad allows you to choose from designs or photographic images, either from the pre-designed Altro collection, or your own design, using a straight-forward ordering process. Imagine the effect of a calming seascape, a collage of local landmarks, or modern art. Durable and scratch-resistant, the chosen design will retain its looks – vital for this busy area.

Back of house corridors to service areas and laundries/storage/sluice rooms/kitchens


These areas work hard. Very hard. Used constantly by busy staff, they need to cope with wheels, spills and dragged-in muddy water. The floors need to cope with the heavy traffic, protect users from slipping and be easy to clean and maintain.

Altro Reliance 25 offers the combination of cleanability and stain resistance to keep these corridors looking good for the long haul, and with high slip resistance, it reduces slips to one in a million. At 2.5mm thick, it’s well-equipped to deal with all manner of hospital traffic and, because it’s available in 27 shades, can help with wayfinding by colour-coding and offers some design flexibility – just because it’s back of house, doesn’t mean it has to be grey!

If downtime is an issue and speed of installation critical, Altro XpressLay is an adhesive-free floor that can reduce disruption by halving installation time and, as with all Altro adhesive-free floors, can be installed over existing flooring or on fresh concrete. A safety floor, it prevents those potential slips, and that heavy traffic? Altro XpressLay was tested with a 900kg drilling rig with caterpillar tracks: no rucks, no movement.


This is absolutely not somewhere that facilities managers will want to have decorated regularly, yet the walls here take many hard knocks, scrapes and bumps, leaving painted walls covered in chips and scuffs.

Altro Fortis Titanium wall sheet is designed to protect these put-upon areas. Its shades run through so, unlike paint or some alternative wall coverings, a scrape doesn’t remove the colour, leaving the space looking better for longer. Use alongside Altro Fortis corner protection, a ready-made piece that protects the areas most susceptible to damage from regular knocks.


Hospitals have a responsibility under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 to ensure that visitors and staff are safe. Different hospitals have their own fire guidelines, but a common specification is a 30-minute fire resisting standard and self-closing devices for room doorsets, corridor fire doorsets and partitions adjoining circulation corridors. For more information see Health Technical Memorandum 05-02: Firecode Guidance in support of functional provisions.

When a fire door is needed, we offer doorsets that have been tested to BS476 Part 22: 1987 Clause 7 and have been assessed to meet either 30 minute or one-hour integrity and insulation. These are available in single, leaf and half-door options. Altro Whiterock hygienic doorsets are faced with PVCu, making them tough and impact-deflective, but also hygienic and low maintenance. They are available in all shades of Altro Whiterock White, Altro Whiterock Satins and Altro Whiterock Chameleon, to match or contrast the adjacent walls. Altro Fortis door protection is hard-wearing, impact and scuff-resistant where needed most. If you want the look of Altro Whiterock on one side, with the toughness of Altro Fortis on the other, that’s no problem. Both options are available with a vision panel to comply with fire door requirements and are wipe-clean.