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You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and this feels especially true in the competitive world of food hospitality. Restaurants, bars and cafes have to entice people in, and make them want to return. While good food and customer service is vital for this, ambience and cleanliness have an important role to play in fact, 91% of 2000 diners felt cleanliness is a mark of a good food or hospitality business when surveyed.*

Altro Ensemble is ideal for areas where first impressions count. This modular flooring system can be mixed and matched to create unique and striking patterns in block colours, wood-look shades, or a combination of both. Good looks don’t mean a compromise on performance: Altro Ensemble has 15dB impact sound reduction, comfort underfoot, and its 10-year guarantee gives peace of mind that it can cope with the constant foot traffic for the long-term.

To reduce disruption to the business, and to eliminate adhesive odours, consider Altro Wood adhesive-free which can halve installation time. Its variety of wood-look shades contribute beautifully to achieving a high-end look. It has the added benefit of slip resistance, protecting guests from the hazards of walked-in rain. 100% recyclable pre and post-installation, it contributes to reducing the environmental impact of customer specifications.

* Research conducted by OnePoll for P&G Professional, survey of 2000 people in the UK.


If you’re standing outside a restaurant, contemplating the menu and deciding whether or not to go in, a peek inside will sway you one way or another. As you step in and wait to be shown to a table, the entrance space gives you a good idea of what to expect from the rest of your experience.

Altro Whiterock Digiclad wall cladding is a custom print option utilising UV cured inks onto an Altro Whiterock sheet from your design or photographic image. It means the entire wall space can feature inspirational artworks or themed photography for maximum impact. Wipe-clean Altro Whiterock Digiclad is durable and scratch-resistant, ensuring the walls look good for the long-term.

General circulation and corridors to bars/toilets


To move around seating areas without disturbing diners, these spaces will be used constantly by both customers and staff. They need to reflect the overall look and ambience of the venue, be durable, and avoid being a source of noise disturbance.

Altro Ensemble is a durable, modular floor, available in four sizes that can be arranged, or cut, into patterns to create a floor with impact. With block colour and wood-look options, including sky blue or natural pine, the effect is welcoming but impressive, and choosing a shade to complement, or match, the overall design, is easier. Adding to this its 2.6mm thickness, which provides comfort underfoot, and 15dB impact sound reduction that dulls footsteps, it’s ideal for this space.

If this well-used space requires a quick refurbishment while the business is closed, with Altro Wood adhesive-free it’s possible to lay, weld and walk the same day, with no tell-tale adhesive odours. Its variety of wood-look shades can achieve a high-end look and complement the overall design and it has the added benefit of slip resistance, protecting guests from the hazards of spilled drinks. With 14dB impact sound reduction, it also contributes to reducing noise levels.


Aside from the entrance area, these walls are the ones that customers are most likely to pass and notice, so it’s not somewhere to be complacent about design. However, the walls here might be on the receiving end of the odd knock or bump so they need to be up to the task.

Altro Whiterock wall designs impress, without compromising on durability. Natural wood, stone, linen and metal options can be used alone or combined, giving multiple design options. They fit perfectly with our floors and, as you would expect from Altro Whiterock, the sheets are impact-resistant, impervious and can be wiped clean, making life easier for staff, and looking good for longer than wallpaper or paint.

Corridors to storage/kitchens/staff areas


This is a busy working space that will see regular spillages and will require regular cleaning. Easy maintenance is key so that busy staff can clean those spills quickly and get back to the task in hand. There’s a high chance that some will go unnoticed, so staff need protecting from the risk of a slip.

Altro Reliance 25 offers a high level of slip resistance, reducing the risk of a slip to one in a million. It’s stain-resistant and cleanable and, at 2.5mm thick, tough enough to cope with rolling trollies, standing equipment and dragged bins. With multiple shades to choose from, there’s no need to compromise on looks.

If a refurbishment is needed for this hard-working area, Altro XpressLay is an adhesive-free floor that can reduce disruption by halving installation time. As with all Altro adhesive-free floors, it can be installed over existing flooring or on fresh concrete. Altro XpressLay was tested with a 900kg drilling rig with caterpillar tracks: no rucks, no movement, so it easily meets the challenges presented by this space. The world’s first adhesive-free safety floor, it also keeps users’ slip-risk to one in a million.


With the sense of purpose that goes into the work taking place ‘back of house’, bangs and scrapes to the walls are common. Picture yourself manoeuvring a trolley stacked with food boxes and tins along a narrow corridor and you can imagine it.

Altro Fortis Titanium wall sheet is designed to protect these put-upon areas. Its shades run through so, unlike paint or some alternative wall coverings, a scrape doesn’t remove the colour, leaving the space look better for longer. Use alongside Altro Fortis corner protection, a ready-made piece that protects the areas most susceptible to damage from regular knocks.


Hotels have a responsibility under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 to ensure that visitors and staff are safe. Individual hotels have their own fire guidelines, but a common specification is a 30-minute fire resisting standard and self-closing devices for room doorsets, corridor fire doorsets and partitions adjoining circulation corridors. For more information see Approved Document B Volume 2 of the building Regulations for more information.

When a fire door is needed, we offer doorsets that have been tested to BS476 Part 22: 1987 Clause 7 and have been assessed to meet either 30-minute or one-hour integrity and insulation. These are available in single, leaf and half-door options. Altro Whiterock hygienic doorsets are faced with PVCu, making them tough and impact-deflective, but also hygienic and low maintenance. They are available in all shades of Altro Whiterock White, Altro Whiterock Satins and Altro Whiterock Chameleon, to match or contrast the adjacent walls. Altro Fortis door protection is hard-wearing, impact and scuff-resistant where needed most. If you want the look of Altro Whiterock on one side, with the toughness of Altro Fortis on the other, that’s no problem. Both options are available with a vision panel to comply with fire door requirements and are wipe-clean.