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Recofloor and distributors: a winning combination

Distributors play a key role in the success of Recofloor’s nationwide waste vinyl flooring collection scheme

Distributors play a key role in the success of Recofloor’s nationwide waste vinyl flooring collection scheme. Their engagement with the flooring supply chain and ability to bulk up small volumes of vinyl on their premises for subsequent collection and recycling reduces material sent to landfill.

Their efforts have contributed significantly to the 2000 plus tonnes collected and recycled through the Recofloor scheme over the five years since its foundation by Altro and Polyflor in 2009.

Recofloor collectors can access over 70 distributor drop-off sites across the country where they can drop off their waste vinyl when collecting new flooring supplies. It’s a quick and convenient solution that also offers significant savings on disposal costs.

Distributors featured prominently in the 2014 Recofloor Awards and they are all justly proud of their achievements and how the services they can offer make a positive impact on their customers and suppliers.

As the first distributor to join the scheme, Birch Distribution is convinced of the benefits and continues to review their recycling performance across the business, while striving to develop strategies for converting or diverting all the waste generated by the business.

What Distributors say…
Jonathan Shirtcliffe, Commercial Director of Birch Distribution: “Having bought into the concept from its inception, our commitment to Recofloor remains as strong as ever. We're determined to improve our returns going forward and have focused all three of our depots on this principle.  We're delighted to have picked up two awards at the 2014 ceremony, one for our Hull depot's performance and the Long-Standing Service Award as an acknowledgement of our enthusiasm for the scheme from the start.”

Mike Hodgkiss, Carpet & Flooring, Manchester (Greatest Improver winner): “We made great strides in making our customers more aware of our drop-off service for end-of-rolls and off-cuts. We send out flyers, our reps tell customers and our sales increased as a result. We monitor closely what comes in to keep the quality high and send back up to six containers at a time. It’s an easy recycling solution.”

Lee Harvey, Operations Manager, 3D Flooring Cardiff (Distributor of the Year): “Recofloor helps us as a selling point with customers who appreciate the service. We collect waste vinyl from regular customers; it helps us, our customers, and of course, the environment.”

Dawn McFarlane, Marketing Administrator at Headlam Scotland (3rd place in Greatest Improver): “Recofloor supported us at the Scottish Flooring Show which was a great success and helped to promote the service to a large number of businesses and fitters. We are also supporting the scheme by holding events when possible to enable us to educate staff and as many users as possible on the benefits of recycling. Overcoming distances up here is a challenge, but the scheme is working well and we’re building up volumes, a large quantity of which has come from introducing the scheme and deployment of bins for the £840 million development of the New Southern General Hospital in Glasgow.”

Lee Floorstok, another Recofloor drop-off site, was awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award for introducing Recofloor to a key contractor, who was collecting large volumes of vinyl from a refurbishment project at the Manchester Royal Infirmary. Many distributors are now working with their customers to implement Recofloor at some of their projects. Bins at distributors’ premises are designed for accepting smaller volumes.
Karl Perry, Sales Representative at Lee Floorstok: “I introduced the scheme into this on-going project where off-cuts and uplifted vinyl are segregated on site. Recofloor collects direct from the site. The contractor saves a lot on disposal costs; it is cheaper for him to recycle so everyone benefits. As a selling point, Recofloor does help us to generate enquiries.”

Dennis Perham, Carpet Manager at Fitwell Flooring, Cornwall (Recofloor Champion): “Promoting Recofloor constantly by word-of-mouth, flyers with invoices and via our trade counter has really helped to build awareness – and divert nearly six tonnes from landfill in 2013. If there is something that can be done to help the environment, why not do it?”

David Ralphs, Operations Manager at Mercado (Best Newcomer): “We operate Recofloor at six sites, both bags and bins. It’s a positive selling point. We promote the scheme through POS displays, verbally with customers and with bags in prominent positions at trade counters.”

Carla Eslava, Recofloor Project Officer: “Flooring distributors are essential to Recofloor’s success and, increasingly, volumes are being driven by this sector.”
Reasons to recycle:

➡ Saves disposal costs by up to 60% or FOC when waste is taken to a drop-off site.

➡ Improve ‘green credentials’ which can help win new business.

➡ Demonstrate commitment to sustainability within the flooring sector.

➡ Waste vinyl flooring off-cuts can be recycled into new flooring.

➡ More than 650 Recofloor collectors and over 70 drop-off sites across the UK and Ireland.

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