March 2019

How much weight could you save?

When specifying flooring for your rolling stock, no matter what the type of service, we know that the chosen product has many considerations to fulfil. Fire and toxicity compliance, good visual design, durability and ease of cleaning are all imperative, but perhaps the factor with the most impact on the project is the weight of the floor.

With the gradual phasing out of diesel-powered locomotives, the weight of our rolling stock becomes a greater concern as fuel efficiency becomes ever more key. So how much weight, and energy, could you save by choosing a lighter-weight floor?

Altro Transflor Tungsten installed on the Stuttgarter Strassenbahnen.


Taking a British Rail Class 377 twelve-car train set, we’ve done the maths for you. When comparing the weight of Altro Transflor Tungsten, our HL-2 compliant acrylic rail safety floor, with other products on the market if used on this train set, here are the results:


Altro Transflor Tungsten

Rubber alternative

Vinyl alternative

Natural material alternative

British Rail class 377 (12 car) 1850.688kg 2303.0784kg






By using an Altro acrylic floor, you could save up to 452kg – around the same weight as a grand piano – against a rubber alternative, or up to 102kg against vinyl alternatives. That’s more than an average kangaroo.

None of us want to carry around concert pianos or large marsupials if we don’t have to - extra weight means wasted energy. Of course there are many variables, out of the operators’ control, which affect energy efficiency, such as how many stops a route takes, if the service is delayed, how many passengers are aboard, even down to the topography of the route. What can be controlled is the weight of the train set itself, and the implications can be massive. How many service miles could you save? How many homes could be powered with the energy you’d save – and how much money would that save you? It could be more than you’d think.

Here at Altro we can suggest the best way to save weight on your rail fleets using our quality product and installation solutions. Take the first step to improving the efficiency of your rolling stock: for detailed information on how much weight and energy you could save, based on your individual set and service, get in contact with us.

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Wilshire Grand

Star Floors: The Atlas 40

Altro Atlas 40

Breaching the heart of Los Angeles, its strings of LED lights illuminate the night: The Intercontinental Downtown at Wilshire Grand Center has become Downtown Los Angeles’ 73-story hub of cultural and culinary delight. Covering itself with near 2.5 miles of LEDs, the LA Times describes the city’s latest attraction as less of a skyscraper and more of a lightsaber.

Not only do kitchen floors need to be slip resistant and durable, but with all of Wilshire Grand’s restaurants located on floors 69-73, construction required flooring to be both safe and sound-absorbent.

Architect AC Martin selected Altro Atlas 40 in color Pewter Grey with our Altro Acoustic underlayment – 4500 square yards’ worth, throughout Wilshire Grand’s restaurant and café kitchens, including the Dekkadance market, Sora sushi and omakase restaurant, WG Café and La Boucherie steakhouse. Taslimi Construction performed the installation.

Altro Atlas 40, a 4mm thick and hardwearing safety floor, resists mechanical damage and chemicals, even shrugging off punctures from dropped utensils. Combined with our Altro Acoustic underlayment, this safety floor gains additional sound insulation, meeting Wilshire Grand’s requirements.

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