NEW! An industry first as Altro Pisces launches featuring AltroBead Technology

Altro Pisces is a new, soft-look finish safety flooring for wet environments. Designed for wet and dry, shoes and bare feet with a PTV of ≥50*, it has all the safety benefits of Altro Aquarius. What makes Altro Pisces different is its soft-look finish in 16 nature-inspired shades that makes it ideal for home-from-home environments, including home adaptations and student accommodation. This domestic, high-end feel also makes it the perfect choice for spas, including the swimming pool surround and sauna.

Altro Pisces is the first safety flooring to feature AltroBead™ Technology. Achieved by blending tiny beads in three different shades and evenly distributed into the flooring, on top of a base colour, the result is the consistent, soft appearance you would expect and want from domestic interiors.

New Product Introduction Manager, David Brailsford said: “Expectations for environments where people live and relax are at an all-time high. People want their surroundings to be homely and look good. For people responsible for these areas, safety remains a top priority and so we developed Altro Pisces, the best of both worlds.

“AltroBead Technology allows us to create a much more domestic look without compromising on safety. And the new shades, which range from relaxing pink and purple to timeless greys, have been carefully selected to appeal in home from home environments.

“Altro Pisces provides a slip-resistance of one in a million against common contaminants found in wet environments, including shampoo, conditioner and shower gel**. The worry of slipping in a home environment shouldn’t have to cross someone’s mind, and installing Altro Pisces means that it doesn’t have to. “We have had really positive feedback from the customers we’ve been able to share Altro Pisces with so far and are looking forward to the opportunity to support our customers with their future wet environment installations.”

For more information on Altro Pisces, please click here to visit our product page.

* Slider 96
** Sliders 96 (shoes) and 55 (bare feet)
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