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Localised services put pressure on healthcare centres

Under reforms in the Health and Social Care Act, healthcare services are to be delivered locally to reduce hospital admissions.  This has led to the creation of ‘super surgeries’, where treatment for a wide variety of health issues are provided in a multi-purpose healthcare centre.  GP services, minor surgeries, diagnostics, therapy, dentistry, and social care can all be under one roof.    

Super surgeries need to cater for the physical and mental well-being of patients and staff.  Many GP surgeries must be refurbished and some even extended to house the increased services required.  In addition, the quality of healthcare the NHS has committed to in their five year plan must focus on patient safety, clinical effectiveness and patient experience, so refurbishments must take these aspects into account as well. 

Aesthetics, safety and hygiene are critical to delivering this level of quality healthcare.  With centres expected to run for longer hours and provide a wide variety of services, the environment must be safe and easy to clean and maintain.  It also has to put patients at ease.
In areas where minor surgeries are being undertaken, a fully sealed and hygienic environment is required, but it must coordinate with other areas of the centre to prevent patient stress and link all treatment areas together.
Use of colour for wayfinding and identifying treatment areas can also help patients and staff find their way around the centre and make the patient experience more positive. 
When surfaces are selected for healthcare centres, they should:
  • meet the strictest infection control, hygiene and health and safety standards
  • be easy to clean
  • retain their appearance through the life of the product
  • be durable
  • retain their slip resistance
For more guidance on specifying in healthcare environments and what products are best for different application areas please contact us.
Posted: 22/03/2016 10:46:16 by Chris Edwards-Thorne | with 0 comments