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Prioritising pets

From traversing the aisles of retail outlets to sleeping soundly on the floors of local pubs and cafés, there is no denying the influx of furry, four-legged patrons in commercial environments. According to the PDSA, 49% of UK adults own a pet, which includes 8.9 million pet dogs*. As consumers, we are gravitating more towards businesses that cater to our canine companions and of course, more pets mean more vets…

Selecting the most effective flooring surface is the foundation of designing pet-friendly interiors. Sharp nails, shedding and the occasional ‘accident’ are clearly issues that can affect multiple flooring types. At the same time, the choice should offer plenty of comfort underfoot to both the human and non-human users. The following are pet-friendly priorities to consider for commercial flooring.

A window decal with the text 'what did your dog do today?' with a happy looking dog nect to it


Broken and chipped tiles can be a health hazard for pets in a number of ways. Rigid, uneven surfaces can painfully dig into feet with a single misstep, while harmful bacteria can evade cleaning, flourishing within cracked areas and get into pets’ paws. It’s important to choose flooring with proven durability that can withstand constant heavy foot traffic from shoes and paws without damage or surface erosion.

Slip resistance

Whether they are sprinting between rooms or leisurely strolling down a hall, pets needs to have the proper traction to avoid slips that could cause an accident, or injury to pet or human. Surfaces with a thick layer of wax or polish can be the equivalent of an ice rink to anything walking on four legs. Where appropriate safety floors allow both pets and owners to properly grip the ground beneath them.

Stain and moisture resistance

Accidents happen, and if your floors are susceptible to staining and moisture, the evidence can linger for years to come…Porous carpets and tile grouting can absorb moisture, trapping surface stains and compromising hygiene in the process. Flooring with any exposure to pets should be impervious to liquid penetration and resistant to surface staining. We can help with specifications so that you can select the right floor for the right area – including guidance on stain resistance.

A variety of different breeds of dog running toward the camera


Animals can benefit from the comfort underfoot that comes with thicker flooring solutions. Solutions including Altro Orchestra and Altro Serenade can also provide sound reduction in multi-level facilities and areas with heavy foot traffic, where there is a low risk of a slip.

In areas that can’t be closed for refurbishment, Altro have floors that can be installed without adhesive, which is a benefit when adhesive smells can cause stress.


Low-maintenance flooring is ideal for areas subjected to shedding, spills and accidents. Tying into moisture resistance, soft surfaces are notorious for absorbing pet residue. Floors that are impervious to liquid penetration are easier to clean and prevent hair and dirt being trapped under the surface.

Walls and doors also can benefit from Altro solutions. We have a range of hygienic and durable walls, doorsets and door protection that are impact-resistant, easy to clean and come in a range of colours that fit any design scheme.

two dachshunds leaping around on Altro Cantata

Cromwell Vets: Altro durability and aesthetics for vet clinic

Pigglefairy Puppies: Altro create a relaxing environment for playful Dachshunds

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* PDSA Animal Wellbeing (PAW) Report

Posted: 05/06/2019 08:00:00 by Heather Mussett | with 0 comments