July 2015

Altro Aquarius gets four new colours!


Inspired by customer demand we’ve added four new colours to our Altro Aquarius safety flooring range, now giving you 20 different options to choose from, including an on-trend indigo colour!

Our highly sought-after safety flooring range for wet and dry, shoe or barefoot use, has been extended with two more tonal chips designs and two plain shades.

New Product Introduction Manager, David Brailsford said: “Altro Aquarius was launched into the market three years ago as a revolutionary solution for both wet and dry areas, and we’ve had great customer feedback on this innovative safety flooring.

“Inspired by customer demand, we’ve developed these new colours to give our customers greater choice. In particular we have ensured that many of the colours within this range have been developed with a consideration for Light Reflectance Values (LRVs). There should be a 30 point difference between adjacent surfaces, such as walls and ceilings, walls and floors and any sanitary ware, to ensure people can see a contrast between the surfaces. Having a wide range of LRVs gives design flexibility when matching floors to walls, and ensures that the range can cater for the needs of those with dementia who benefit visually from a high LRV contrast between floors and walls.

“In-keeping with the rest of the range’s aquatic-themed product names our new products have been named after the sea snail, newt, iguana and gosling.”

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Altro integrated solutions for style and comfort

The largest single campus private hospital in New South Wales, The Sydney Adventist Hospital has approximately 2,300 staff, 500 volunteers and 750 accredited medical practitioners who care for more than 53,000 inpatients and 180,000 outpatients annually. The state of the art hospital is constantly improving their facilities and recently underwent major renovations.

Having used and trusted Altro products for over five years, the Sydney Adventist Hospital requested Altro interior solutions for the new fitout. Altro Aquarius was used throughout all public bathrooms and private ensuites.  Altro Whiterock was used to create a high end look with an easy to clean surface. To keep staff happy they installed Altro Whiterock Chameleon in the staff changing rooms and toilets creating a stylish, hygienic and easy to clean interior. In addition, Altro Whiterock White was used as wall protection in various areas including bed heads.

Altro Whiterock hygienic wall cladding, combined with Altro Aquarius safety flooring provides a totally sealed, hygienic system perfect for healthcare environments where strict hygiene guidelines are paramount.

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Altro resins speed ahead

911 Rennsport is a father and son venture to make owning Porsche Carrera RS both fun and financially attainable.  It has led them over the years to creating dozens of unique, exciting and affordable cars.

The family-run company wanted to build a new showroom and production facility at their centre at Moreton-in-Marsh.  The centre used technological and forward-thinking design to create a highly-efficient working environment for the team.

Tyack Architects assisted them in realising their design aspirations for the new building. Lasercroft Ltd was contractor on the project.  When selecting the flooring for the new facility, James Carmichael of Lasercroft Ltd suggested Altro resin flooring for a clean, durable, high spec finish.  AltroFlow EP was used for the entire ground floor showroom and workshop, covering a total of 600 m².

AltroFlow EP is a three-part solvent-free, epoxy resin system for application to level floors, providing good chemical and impact resistance.  It has an easily cleaned, smooth, seamless surface providing a smart high gloss finish.  AltroExpand, epoxy flexible jointing compound was used with AltroFlow EP.  The jointing compound is designed to withstand normal thermal and vibration movement whilst providing sufficient strength to protect joints arising from damage and erosion. 

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Altro welcome Sir Oliver Heald

Altro welcomed Sir Oliver Heald, QC, MP of North East Hertfordshire to the Altro offices in Letchworth today (10 July 2015).  Sir Oliver presented to Altro Group CEO, Richard Kahn, a certificate as a finalist in the National Responsible Business Awards.  Sir Oliver toured Altro’s offices and production area during his visit.

Each of the country’s 650 MPs were asked by the All Party Parliamentary Corporate Responsibility Group (APCRG) to nominate a business which has had a positive impact in their constituency. Altro Limited was nominated by Sir Oliver for the Constituency of North East Hertfordshire.  Sir Oliver described Altro as having

“taken corporate responsibility to a high level in terms of environmental commitment and ethical commitment in their supply chain, consistently ahead of the curve.”

The award submission included Altro’s work with supporting the local community, its positive impact with local schools, learning and development of employees, sustainability and its promotion of equality and diversity in the workplace.

Sir Oliver said: “I’m proud the APCRG has shortlisted Altro for the National Responsible Business Awards.  It is a good thing for the constituency of North East Hertfordshire and Letchworth Garden City.  Altro are leading the way nationally on corporate responsibility and the environment.”

Richard Kahn, CEO of Altro said:

“We are delighted to be shortlisted for such an important award, and to be a finalist amongst such prestigious companies. At Altro we are committed to supporting our employees, the local community, and the environment and we are pleased to be recognised for our efforts.”

Included in the shortlist of successful companies is Sony UK Technology Centre, Marks & Spencer, WrightBus and Fujitsu.

The winner of this award will be selected by a judging panel consisting of Baroness Greengross, Jonathan Djangoly MP, Baroness Howe of Idlicote and Nick Hurd MP.

The All Party Parliamentary Corporate Responsibility Group (APCRG) defines a responsible business as one that:

  • Supports the community and local schools
  • Offers young people work opportunities
  • Trains their employees
  • Invests in energy efficiency
  • Promotes equality and diversity in the workplace
  • Monitors their suppliers’ actions on these issues

The award will be presented at a prestigious ceremony at the Houses of Parliament in July which Richard Kahn will be attending on behalf of Altro Ltd.

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Altro XpressLay: CFJ product of the year

CFJ readers have voted Altro XpressLay their top flooring product in the 2015 CFA and CFJ Flooring Industry Awards. Designed to save time, money and the environment, and the very first product of its kind in the world, we're not surprised CFJ readers gave Altro XpressLay the thumbs up. In fact, Altro XpressLay has been winning awards since we launched it, due to its innovative installation method which provides a host of benefits, even years after it's been installed.

Richard Kahn, CEO of Altro, said:

We are very proud to have won this award and thank all the CFJ readers who voted for Altro XpressLay, the world’s first ever adhesive-free safety flooring.”

Altro XpressLay  has been a hit with contractors and end users alike since its launch five years ago, and has been installed across the globe in demanding environments such as hospitals, schools and universities.

Install it with Altro adhesive-free flooring Approved installation tape, which is supplied free of charge with the product and is specifically formulated to work with the underside of the flooring,  ensuring optimum installation results and conformity to Altro’s 10 year warranty.

Altro XpressLay contains recycled material and is 100% recyclable post-consumer. At the end of its use, you can recycle or reuse it saving on landfill.

The range boasts 42 colours, featuring bright and subtle, sparkle-free designs and decorative chipped options to give you a huge selection to choose from. Its shared colour palette with Altro Walkway 20 enables you to combine use of both ranges to suit the application. Altro Easyclean Maxis PUR Technology ensures the product stays looking good long-term.

Altro XpressLay offers sustained slip resistance for the lifetime of the product; keeping your risk of a slip or fall to just 1 in a million for fifteen years.

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How safe is your kitchen floor?

Across the world safety flooring is tested in various ways. You might have heard of the Pendulum Test, which mimics a shod foot slipping across a floor, resulting in a measurement of slip potential. Wet flooring that measures ≥36, which translates to a one in a million chance of slipping, has a low slip risk and all of our safety flooring exceeds this. The contaminant used for this test is water and, in most areas, this is the most common contaminant, making the test robust and reliable test. However, this is definitely not the case for kitchens.

Commercial kitchens can be a dangerous place; contaminants range from greasy water, milk and oil to food particles and flour. Staff tend to be very busy and it’s often not possible to clean as they go. It’s not simply spillages either; hot oil evaporates into the air, cools and settles on the floor, making it hard to see and a constant hazard. The contaminants found in a kitchen are often more dense than water or, in the case of food particles, dry rather than wet. This prevents the foot making contact with the floor and increases the risk of slipping.

A safety floor that performs well in a standard Pendulum or Ramp Test, which is also commonly used, may not cut the mustard when it comes to a real working kitchen with real and varied contaminants, putting staff at risk.

The Ramp Test results in R9-R13 values which are based on the angle at which a person slips while walking on a motor-oil covered ramp. We quote R values for our products because some of our customers are used to working with them but we don’t believe this test gives a clear enough indication of slip resistance. Starting at a high number, an R9 value appears as though it offers good slip resistance but it actually indicates the least slip resistance. In short, it’s confusing. For more information on testing please visit our testing and measuring section. Anyway, back to kitchens.

Altro Stronghold 30, which measures PTV ≥55, was developed specifically for areas where grease, oils and fats may be present, such as kitchens, canteens and food preparation areas. We decided that it wasn’t enough to use the standard Pendulum Test, which uses water, nor the Ramp Test, which uses motor oil, and carried out our own tests using contaminants that would actually be found in kitchens. *

The results show that flooring with a Ramp Test value of less than R12 cannot prevent slips when vegetable oil or greasy water is present; the risk of slipping is reduced to one in 20, even when the Pendulum Test result is ≥36.


Altro Stronghold 30 R12
PTV ≥55

PTV ≥45

PTV ≥36

Water 1 in a million 1 in a million 1 in a million
Vegetable Oil 1 in a million 1 in 100,000 1 in 20
Greasy water 1 in a million 1 in 100,000 1 in 20
Milk 1 in a million 1 in a million 1 in a million
Flour 1 in a million 1 in a million 1 in a million
Plastic wrapping 1 in a million 1 in a million 1 in a million

It makes you think. In kitchens used for preparing food, floors with PTV≥36, our expert opinion is that R10 is not recommended. Your chosen flooring needs to be able to perform against wet and dry contaminants and you need to be confident that it provides sustained lifetime slip resistance rather than a coating that will wear away. Not all safety flooring is as safe as Altro’s.

Altro Stronghold 30 safety flooring gives you peace of mind, allowing you to keep up with the pace of your business without having to compromise on safety.

*Slip resistance tests carried out with slider 96. BRE Building Elements – Floors and Flooring.  Pye & Harrison 2003.

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Recofloor – share the vinyl flooring recycling love this August

Throughout August, Recofloor's special summer Love2shop Promotion is encouraging more flooring companies to recycle their waste vinyl flooring - and be in with a chance to win a fantastic shopping prize.
Founded by leading flooring manufacturers Polyflor and Altro to divert waste vinyl flooring from landfill, the UK’s national vinyl flooring scheme collects smooth and safety off-cuts and smooth uplifted flooring for recycling back into new products, including flooring.
Open to new and existing Recofloor members, every flooring company raising a Recofloor collection during August (3rd – 28th) will be entered into a draw with a chance to win one of three packs of Love2shop Vouchers worth £100 each.
The Love2shop Voucher is accepted at over 20,000 shops including fashion, footwear, sports and home improvement stores, as well as many restaurants and at a number of attractions for fun family days out. The prizes will be offered to the first three names chosen at random on September 1st.
For contractors, the minimum collection requirement is two full bulk bags and for distributors, two full blue bins. All collections must be booked in by 5pm on Friday 28th August 2015. The collections do not have to be completed in August.
Companies can request a collection by phone, email or fill out an online form on the Recofloor website – www.recofloor.org.
Recofloor’s Project Administrator Carla Eslava comments: “As well as existing members, we’re looking forward to welcoming new companies who wish to join the scheme and take part in our great August promotion. Simply phone or email us to register your company.
“With more than 650 Recofloor collectors and 63 drop-off sites across the UK and Ireland, we aim to make recycling post installation vinyl flooring off-cuts and uplifted vinyl flooring easier than ever.”
Benefits for Recofloor participants include a sustainable option for end-of-life flooring, enhanced green credentials and up to 75% savings in disposal costs. More than 2,400 tonnes of vinyl flooring has been collected since the scheme’s inception.
Further information about Recofloor is available from www.recofloor.org.  Contact 0161 355 7618 or email info@recofloor.org.

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