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Partnering with Autoglym to bring you the latest expert advice on cleaning

In 2020 the humble task of cleaning really rose to the fore. Keeping your public transport vehicles clean has always been a priority, but the Coronavirus pandemic brought the cleaning of all surfaces into even sharper focus. Customers want reassurance that the spaces they enter and the surfaces they come into contact with are not only clean, but sanitised, and ideally cleaned and sanitised at regular intervals during the day. It is a transport operator’s duty to their passengers and to the wider public to do what they can to make spaces safe.

However important it may be, the business of cleaning cannot be the main event though. People don’t get on a bus or train to watch it be cleaned, they get on it to go somewhere. So any cleaning has to not only be thorough, but quick, effective and easy to do…

Autoglym, Altro’s sister company, who many know for their work in the car world, also operate in the public transport sector, providing cleaning chemicals and equipment to some of the largest operators, including Stagecoach, Arriva and United. Operating as Autoglym Connect, the small but efficient team work hand in hand (or should that be glove in glove?) with operators to ensure their cleaning teams have the tools they need to clean and sanitise all surfaces, without causing damage to them.


Multipurpose cleaners are connected to dilution meters which combine chemicals and water to dispense different strength solution to be used for different tasks. You need a strong mix for the wheels, a weaker one for the windows and something in the middle for the seats. For cleaning floors, the dilution is different again. The dilution meters help control costs, and also reduce manual handling, keeping staff safe. These are installed and maintained by Autoglym engineers who ensure the cleaning teams can clean with the minimal of fuss.


Photo taken at Rail Live 2019, prior to COVID-19 restrictions.

A flexible plan, designed to cover the changing needs of the vehicle throughout the day, is a priority. For example, a thorough clean of the entire bus fleet, incorporating all areas of the bus, will take place at night with Autoglym Extra Deep Clean, but during the day a grab and go solution is needed for the driver to maintain high contact areas. Autoglym Super Clean Sanitiser does what is says on the tin and cleans and sanitises in one action. Killing 99.999% of bacteria and encapsulated viruses including coronavirus, the pleasant scented spray is great for handles, touchscreens, seats, rails and anything else customers some into contact with. Simply spray on and wipe off with no fear of residue or discoloration, just sparkling, sanitised surfaces.

Paul Rowlands, Head of Autoglym Key Accounts, said: “The cleanliness of public transport is more important than ever right now. We view our customer relationships as very much a partnership with a long-term vision that goes far beyond just cleaning chemicals. It includes a full Autoglym Professional support package and a dedicated PSV market offering, from the products to our dedicated PSV technical specialists and account managers, all of whom are committed to keeping Britain’s buses and trains as clean as possible in these challenging times.”

Posted: 25/02/2021 08:00:00 by Heather Mussett | with 0 comments