December 2019

Bring the outside in with your bus design

Whether you’re looking to create an open, airy feel on a busy city bus, or bring the freshness of the rolling countryside into your vehicle, across the Altro Transflor bus ranges we have the colour variety to help.

Blue sky thinking

As contemporary bus design turns to the modern, light, and airy, don’t leave your flooring design in the dark ages! With hydro and electric fuelled buses becoming more and more common, it’s no surprise that operators and manufacturers are looking to replicate this eco-friendly message on the interior of new bus fleets. Fill the space with optimism with a lighter, brighter design reminiscent of a clear blue sky – and subtly reference your zero emission bus for guilt-free travel.

You can find cooling, calming blue hues across all of our bus flooring ranges including Altro Transflor Chroma’s Cayman, Altro Transflor Figura’s Laser, Altro Transflor Meta’s Supra, and our metallic custom colours. Combine these with paler colours such as Altro Transflor Figura’s Sparkler, or Altro Transflor Meta’s Pewter Grey to lift the palette and give a feeling of expanse, or even combine the two as in Altro Transflor Chroma’s Strada?

All our UK manufactured floors are equipped with Altro Easyclean technology, and with experienced experts on hand to answer any cleaning conundrums, you need never fear a pale floor on a busy service again. Read about how we partnered with our sister company, UK vehicle care and cleaning product manufacturer, Autoglym, to scrub up one of our rail exhibition cars.

Even on the dreariest day, remind your passengers of sunnier weather with bright accents and an airy, open-feeling design.

A walk in the forest

Green is a popular colour for bus service livery to reflect the “green” nature of more environmentally friendly energies. Take the love of nature into the interiors of your fleets with the positive effect of biophilic design. As humans we are genetically programmed to feel attached to nature and take solace in colours associated with the natural world. Use our colour palettes to take your passengers in a stroll through the woods, even in the middle of the urban jungle.

Warm, woody tones from Altro Transflor Wood such as Tudor Oak and Spiced Bamboo easily evoke a natural feel. Complement these with Frontier, from Altro Transflor Chroma, or contrast with vivid Forester to complete the woodland look.

Create a natural-world inspired interior safe in the knowledge that you’ll have let the green in, in more ways than just aesthetics. Our UK manufactured bus floors are fully recyclable and, in fact, we’ve been zero waste-to-landfill since 2014, a fact we’re really proud of.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you achieve your design dreams – whether that be using our standard colour palettes, a custom design, or one of our exciting upcoming developments!

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Altro now a recommended supplier of floors and walls for ProCure22

Altro have been appointed as a recommended supplier of vinyl and resin floors and floor accessories on the Department of Health’s ProCure22 Framework for NHS and social care construction schemes in England.  Altro floor systems, including Altro Orchestra, Altro Aquarius and Altro Wood Safety, are recommended for use throughout healthcare environments.  This follows our appointment in 2018 as a recommended supplier of wall and door systems, including the Altro Whiterock and Altro Fortis systems.

The ProCure22 (P22) process is designed to achieve improved value for money and reduce exposure to risk through a simplified capital procurement procedure.

With up to 20-year product guarantees, Altro can ensure healthcare environments provide an impervious, hygienic and durable environment, meeting the stringent requirements in critical hygiene areas. With a vast array of colours, including wood-look designs, a warm and welcoming environment can be created to reduce stress and improve patient and staff wellbeing, without compromising on hygiene standards.

Altro provide a wide selection of floor solutions that can be used in all areas of health and care environments, including specialist safety solutions for areas with a high slip risk, including bathrooms and kitchens.

Altro have also been awarded DSDC accreditation, and we are the only manufacturer to have HACCP approval for both floor and wall products.

Mark Johnstone, Head of Commercial, UK, Middle East and Ireland says: “Altro pioneered hygienic wall sheets and safety flooring, and we have over 60 years of experience providing solutions in health and care environments, including many projects within the NHS and social care. We are proud to have our floor and wall solutions included on the Procure22 Framework. Our floor, wall and door systems are recognised as cost-effective and durable solutions for health and care, and work together to create a hygienic environment that is designed to support the wellbeing of patients, staff and visitors.”

The following products are included in the P22 standard components list:

  • Altro Aquarius™
  • Altro Pisces™
  • Altro Suprema™
  • Altro Walkway™ 20
  • Altro XpressLay™
  • Altro Wood™ Safety
  • Altro Wood™ Safety Comfort
  • Altro Reliance™ 25
  • Altro Stronghold™ 30
  • Altro Zodiac™
  • Altro Cantata™
  • Altro Orchestra™
  • Altro Operetta™
  • Altro Serenade™
  • Altro Proof™
  • AltroFix™ 19 Plus
  • AltroFix™ 365
  • Altro adhesive-free flooring approved installation tape
  • Altro Acoustic Underlay 101
  • Altro Flexiflow™ 2mm classic standard variant
  • Altro Flexiflow™ 8mm acoustic standard variant
  • Altro Screed™ 3mm standard variant
  • Altro Crete™ 8mm standard variant
  • Altro Tect™ standard variant

This award is valid until October 2021.

The following products were included in the P22 standard components list in 2018:

  • Altro Whiterock White
  • Altro Whiterock Satins
  • Altro Whiterock Chameleon
  • Altro Whiterock wall designs
  • Altro Whiterock Splashbacks
  • Altro Fortis Titanium
  • Altro Fortis corner protection
  • Altro Whiterock Digiclad
  • Altro Whiterock hygienic doorsets

This award is valid until October 2020.

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How we’ve helped our customers

Here at Altro, our customers are our first priority. We’re proud that our product offering allows us to actively help our customers achieve interior design goals, enhanced installation efficiencies, expert safety advice, and tips for easy cleaning.

But don’t just take our word for it – discover how we’ve helped people just like you below.

Chrysalis Rail – ease of installation

“Altro flooring is so easy to use because it can be provided to us in pre-cut kits … we’ve used Altro flooring and the kit-cutting service on a number of projects and it just makes our life so much easier. It’s always met all of our expectations, so it’s brilliant.”

Steve Warren, Head of Procurement at Chrysalis Rail


For rail refurbishers Chrysalis Rail, the ability to streamline an installation to the height of efficiency is incredibly valuable. By providing them with our kit cutting service, we have helped them to all but eliminate the labour and time associated with the cutting of vinyl flooring. We delivered their order pre-cut to their specification in handy, more manageably sized pieces, clearly labelled and ready to install. We have the capability to pre-cut your order in house at our Letchworth HQ, cutting out any middle-man before your flooring reaches you.

We are pleased to have partnered with Chrysalis Rail on enhancing their installation efficiencies.

Porterbrook – easy cleaning

We found the flooring very easy to clean and our engineer commented on how easy it was to manoeuvre the mop over the flooring … the results were excellent and provided a great finish.

Michael Rutherford, Commercial Manager at Autoglym Professional Key Accounts


Keeping rail interiors clean and in a tip-top condition is a key aspect to get right to improve passenger satisfaction. We were not only delighted to present Altro Transflor Motus, our easy-clean EN45545-HL2 product for the Porterbrook Innovation Hub, but also bring in experts from our sister company, Autoglym, to share specialist cleaning expertise. Here at Altro, we are always pleased to help our customers to go the extra mile for their passengers.

Grand Central – a unique, smart, and durable interior

One of the most important factors was that Altro have the facility to create a bespoke colour for the project. The interior needed to echo the corporate colours of Grand Central and be unique, smart, and durable.

Paul Batty, Fleet Project Manager for Grand Central


When rail operator Grand Central wanted to replace the run-down carpets in the saloon areas of their trains, they turned to Altro to help them create an interior which was unique, smart, and durable.

Partnering with top industry designers we worked with Grand Central to produce two custom designs: one for standard and one for first class. We were delighted to help Grand Central achieve their design plans while ensuring an interior that is safe and easy to maintain.

The Stuttgarter Straβenbahnen – expert opinion on fire safety guidelines

We have known Altro, a reliable supplier, for many years. Moreover, Altro is able to provide a relevant expert opinion on the latest fire safety guidelines and flooring durability.

Werner Benz, Master Mechanic of interior fittings at the Stuttgarter Straβenbahnen (SSB)


For a busy system like the Stuttgarter Straβenbahnen, a durable, great looking floor with robust safety credentials is key. We worked with the SSB to suggest the perfect product, in this case Altro Transflor Tungsten. The SSB needed lightweight flooring which would protect its passengers no matter the weather outside or the type of shoe worn inside the train, with an excellent slip resistance. Altro Transflor Tungsten also meets key fire, smoke and toxicity regulations which we knew would mean that the SSB could fulfil their safety promises to their passengers.

Have an issue and could do with a helping hand? Contact us today.

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Coming soon from Altro Transport…

2020 is coming up fast! And here’s why we’re excited…

Upcoming for Bus...

Lightweight, BSS compliant, enhanced durability

Previewed at Busworld 2019, our new and improved formulation for Altro Transflor Chroma and Altro Transflor Figura will officially be available in 2020. We have redesigned these well-loved products to offer the same reliable, BSS compliant slip resistance of minimum PTV ≥36, with improved strength, durability, and cleanability, and a weight reduction of 20%.

We pride ourselves on offering you the best innovations in transport flooring without ever compromising on safety and slip resistance, and we are pleased to maintain the small slip risk of a one in a million in all of our products, both new and established, without any need for additional surface treatments or protective coatings.

Truly custom design with acoustic properties

Also previewed at Busworld 2019, we are delighted to bring you our digitally printed product for bus applications in 2020. Our high fidelity, sparkle-free formulation offers acoustic properties and the freedom to print any design you choose.

Our 2.8mm digitally printed product offers all the same resilience and durability you expect of a quality Altro Transflor product, now with greater design flexibility. Select one of our pre-existing designs or provide your own, and take your bus design to the next level.

New design elegance

Did you see these new, natural world inspired designs on our Busworld 2019 sample wall? Altro Transflor Artis, launching in 2020, offers new designs inspired by rocks and minerals to give your vehicle elegance and class.

Choose from our terrazzo and salt and pepper designs in a range of colours, giving your passengers an outdoors-in experience with the same great performance we at Altro pride ourselves on. With Altro Transflor Artis, your passengers ride in style.

Have we piqued your interest?

Speak to your local sales representative, or contact us for more information and to be the first to use these exciting innovations on your fleet.

Upcoming for Rail...

High performance HL-2


Don’t miss the formal launch of our high performance HL-2 rail product, Altro Transflor Motus. With a bold choice of colours for wider design options, Altro Transflor Motus is sure to add a splash of colour to your train sets as a more practical, hygienic and resilient option over carpet. This R10 flooring product is available in 2mm or 2.5mm thickness and a boasts a competitive weight to other similar homogenously constructed products.

Contact us or your local sales representative to find out how Altro Transflor Motus can help with your next project.

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Altro scoop two FeRFA awards

We're delighted to advise that Altro were proud winners in two categories at the 2019 FeRFA awards. Large Commercial Project of the Year, for Headingley Stadium and Small Commercial Project of the Year, for Nandos in Addlestone.

Justine McDonnell collected the award on behalf of Altro.

Find some more information on Altro resins here.

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