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Siemens, Denmark

Altro provide unsurpassed resistance and cleanability at Siemens

Altro Stronghold 30

International company Siemens has just completed a new headquarters, located in Sønderborg. The building, which opened in the summer of 2015 includes a staff kitchen, which provides meals for the 80 employees.

When the kitchen was being designed, there were a number of considerations to be made that influenced the choice of flooring. “When we were choosing flooring for the kitchen at Siemens, it was important that the floor was easy to clean, and it had to be slip-resistant and comfortable to walk on, which was one of the reasons why we chose Altro Stronghold 30. It has a thickness of 3mm, making the floor extremely comfortable,” says Ulrik Olesen, Construction Manager at KPC Herning.

Besides comfort, the main advantages of the new floor were cleanability and safety: “I think the floors are super easy to clean. I have worked in many kitchens in my career, and this is the first time I’ve worked on a floor that is so easy to clean. With a tiled floor, I often experienced having to scrub for half an hour to get the floor clean. It’s completely different with this floor; it is both fast to clean and dries quickly, “says Søren Schwarz, Canteen Manager at Sønderborg.

Soren continues: “It is important that you feel confident when working with hot things, such as baking pans, and you do with this floor.”

Construction manager Ulrik Olesen also has words of praise for the installation process: “It’s gone really well and smoothly. The floor was first measured up and adhered to the substrate, and the following day welded at the joints. When I look at assembly time and welds and how the floor looks now, I would definitely recommend it to others, it seems like a really good floor.”

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