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Lynfield Mount Hospital

Altro Whiterock Satins cutting edge solution for therapy centre

Altro Whiterock Satins, Altro Whiterock hygienic ceilings

Daisy Hill House, Lynfield Mount Hospital in Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust (BDCFT) provides a specialised intensive therapeutic programme and package of care within a therapeutic community model to patients with severe and complex mental health issues. The facility is separated into the Daisy Hill Intensive Therapy Centre (ITC) and the Dementia Assessment Unit (DAU).

The DAU required wall surfaces that would be hygienic, durable, easy to clean and provide the colours required. There was also a need for the complex installation of walling for their ensuites. The architects DLA FreemanWhite Ltd selected Altro Whiterock Satins to create the design needed. Three colours of Altro Whiterock Satins were used to create details necessary to make the rooms easy to navigate for patients.

Triton Construction Ltd was appointed as Main Contractor and Premier Installer Commercial Coverings Ltd used all their technical expertise to install the Altro Whiterock, using complex cutting techniques to achieve the detailing needed.

Altro Whiterock Satins is a versatile and sophisticated wall cladding available in a range of solid, decorative, satin shades – from soothing and healing through to stimulating. Altro Whiterock Satins provides impact resistance and hygiene, with a stain-resistant, wipe-clean surface.

Altro Whiterock ceilings and Altro Whiterock Satins in several shades were used in the ITC. Intricate work was required to work around hidden cisterns and services boxes.

Altro Whiterock hygienic ceilings meet rigorous hygiene requirements and are particularly suitable for food preparation and medical areas. They form an impervious, hygienic, virtually maintenance-free system which can be hosed down in situ and provide a bright, durable surface which helps reduce condensation. They can be installed as a fully suspended system.

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