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The School of Hospitality of Seville, Spain

The School of Hospitality of Seville cooks with Altro

Altro Stronghold 30

The School of Hospitality of Seville (ESHS) is an internationally renowned teaching center. The School is a unique building of more than 2,000 m², equipped with modern facilities such as teaching kitchens, theoretical classes, tasting and catering, language workshops, a R & D laboratory and various study rooms.

Commercial and industrial kitchens are very demanding environments, with a permanent presence of contaminants such as water, grease and oils, and a high risk of slips. It is therefore recommended to use a floor with a high level of slip resitance for the lifetime of the floor.

The ESHS teachers and students are safe from slips in the teaching kitchen, as they have installed about 400m² of Altro Stronghold 30 safety flooring in ‘Abyss’. Altro Stronghold 30 is ideal for all areas of the kitchen, including food preparation, washing, cooking, desserts, corridors and cold storage areas.

Altro Stronghold 30 achieves Altro’s highest rating for slip resistance (PTV ≥55, R12) and is designed to minimise risk in areas exposed to grease, oils and fats for the lifetime of the flooring. As well as helping to keep staff safe from slips, it also helps reduce their fatigue, thanks to its 3mm thickness which provides noise reduction and comfort underfoot.

The Director of the ESHS, Pedro Oliver explains why they chose Altro Stronghold: “The advantages were many, as it guarantees us a safe, hygienic, durable and aesthetic floor at the same time. We are very satisfied with the results and aesthetically we are happy with the design of our kitchen. In fact, we have already recommended it to many people who visit our facilities.”

ESHS student Antonio Trigo Jimenez says: “The surface of the floor allows the shoe to grip firmly, even on a wet surface. In addition, it is easy to clean. I would recommend its use and would seriously consider putting it in my future kitchen.”

Ramón and Sebastián S.L. installed Altro Stronghold 30. Manager Sergio Luna Martín, says: “Altro Stronghold 30 is the star product in kitchen floors since it confers a high degree of safety, hygiene and adaptability in kitchens. It is easy and quick to install, and its appearance is inimitable once the installation has been completed with the appropriate accessories.”

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