Altro Transflor Figura™

Looking to inject some colour and high design into your fleet? Look no further than Altro Transflor Figura: the striking design offers the design complexity of carpet with the resilient durability of vinyl flooring, perfect for creating a high-end feel for bus and coach.

Available in 2mm and 2.7mm thicknesses, Altro Transflor Figura achieves a pendulum test value of ≥36, guaranteed for the lifetime of the vehicle. Enhanced dimensional stability combined with self-adhesive and kit solutions ensure easy installation. Altro Easyclean Technology gives Altro Transflor Figura improved cleanliness and colour retention, supporting time-pressured cleaning regimes.

With 12 inspiring colours, Altro Transflor Figura offers the best of both worlds in design and safety, so you can rest assured that your passengers travel in comfort and style.



Choose your colours and add them to your basket using the plus icons.

  • Crackle
    TFFG2006F - 2706F

  • Rocket
    TFFG2004F - 2704F

  • Laser
    TFFG2003F - 2703F

  • Pinwheel
    TFFG2005F - 2705F

  • Sparkler
    TFFG2002F - 2702F

  • Boom
    TFFG2001F - 2701F

  • Buckingham
    TFFG2051C - 2751C

  • Chambord
    TFFG2053C - 2753C

  • Balmoral
    TFFG2054C - 2754C

  • Versailles
    TFFG2055C - 2755C

  • Imperial
    TFFG2052C - 2752C

  • Chatsworth
    TFFG2056C - 2756C