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Altro intellectual property form

Royalty-free Intellectual Property licence

We are pleased to authorise your appropriate and non-exclusive use of our Intellectual Property (the IP) which is defined as: the word ‘Altro’, the Altro logo, all Altro trademarks, whether or not they contain the brand name ‘Altro’, Altro images and hypertext link to the or country specific website, under the following conditions:

  1. The use of the IP must be for the advertising and promotion of Altro products only.

  2. You will only use the IP in the format provided by Altro and will not make any alterations other than re-sizing where appropriate, in agreement with Altro.

  3. In using the IP, you will not gain any right, title or interest in the IP or the copyright thereof, nor can you grant the right to use the IP to any third party, including associate or subsidiary companies. Any third party must seek independent approval from Altro for their own use.

  4. You agree not to:
    1. modify or alter the packaging or labelling of Altro products or use any other trademarks in relation to Altro’s products
    2. use the IP in any way which would allow it to become generic, lose its distinctiveness, become liable to mislead customers or be materially detrimental or inconsistent with the good name, goodwill, reputation and image of Altro
    3. do anything which might weaken or prejudice the validity of any of the IP or Altro’s ownership of it
    4. use any trademarks or names sufficiently similar to the IP as would tend to deceive customers or potential customers or lead to confusion on their part
    5. use the IP, in whole or in part, in your company, corporate or trade name
    6. use the IP, any Altro trademark or similar mark as part of any domain name
    7. use the IP or any Altro trademark for the purpose of metatagging to an unreasonable extent
    8. reproduce any Altro online content without the prior written consent of Altro

  5. You will comply with all reasonable directions from Altro regarding the use of the IP, give all reasonable help to Altro to maintain the validity and Altro’s ownership of the IP and will keep Altro informed of any challenge to the IP. You acknowledge that we are the owner of the trade marks and any goodwill derived from your use trade marks will accrue to us.

This royalty-free licence may be withdrawn by Altro at any time without giving due cause or notice. If you have any queries on the above, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please have an authorised officer of the company complete the below form to confirm agreement.


By completing this form you agree to the terms laid out in our privacy policy