Wall cladding

Wall cladding

Today’s hygiene regulations demand that surfaces must be smooth and easy to clean, and that walls are durable, impervious and impact resistant. The traditional approach has been to work with ceramic tiles. Unfortunately, this can be problematic in addressing modern hygiene and durability issues.

Ceri Bowman discusses the benefits of Altro Whiterock hygienic
PVC/uPVC wall cladding, from our sustainability promise to our training school

The problem with ceramics

In busy locations like kitchens, knocks to walls from trolleys, pots and pans etc are commonplace. Glazed ceramic tiles are vulnerable to damage, being easily scratched, chipped or cracked. This surface damage means that contaminated water can penetrate the tile leading to unsightly stains and bacterial growth. To make matters worse, tiles are often fixed incorrectly.

According to the Ceramic Tile Federation, this applies to 65% of all tile installations, leading to serious problems, in kitchens and showers especially. For these areas, tile manufacturers and food regulations specify the use of water-resistant adhesives and epoxy grouts. It is difficult to be sure that these have been used until, of course, it is too late and the damage has been done.

The solution is sheet PVC wall cladding

Tests show that Altro Whiterock PVC wall cladding is 100% watertight, unlike tiled surfaces.

The advent of PVC wall cladding provides a decorative and practical alternative to ceramic tiles. Being impervious, the PVC wall cladding can be used practically anywhere. Showers and kitchens in particular benefit from the watertight, seamless, wipe clean surface that the system provides. Unlike a tiled surface there is no grout involved, so dirt and bacteria have nowhere to hide. Also, water can’t seep through to the substrate behind – a problem that can cause major structural damage to any building.

It is good for your business to invest in a long-term solution with low maintenance, less cleaning and fewer repairs.

For more information and assistance in choosing the right PVC wall cladding  solution for your needs please contact our specialists. 

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