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Safety floors

Safety flooring

Heavy duty solutions

Our 2.5mm safety flooring provides outstanding durability and sustained slip resistance, and are the ideal choice for extreme heavy duty areas where extra protection is needed. Their excellent resistance to mechanical or physical damage makes them firm favourites in demanding environments like education, industry and healthcare.

These heavy duty ranges offer contemporary, industrial or decorative design options. Easy to maintain and clean, they provide lasting appearance retention and are backed by lengthy 20 year product guarantees and 25 year life expectancies. And where ease of maintenance and aesthetics are key, Altro Reliance 25 offers a fresh palette and PUR technology.

Versatile solutions

Providing sustained slip resistance, excellent durability and ease of installation, these low maintenance safety floors are easy to clean and perfect for busy areas. Plus, they offer a great choice of colour, and chipped and non-chipped varieties for design flexibility.

Apart from traditionally adhered ranges, we also offer a truly sustainable, recyclable and reusable, adhesive-free option: Altro XpressLay. It’s suitable for lots of different applications and is ideal for use where original substrates may need protecting or where sustainable criteria must be met. Altro XpressLay is also the only safety floor that’s 100% recyclable or reusable post-consumer.

Inspirational solutions

These safety floors are designed for areas where aesthetics, sustainable slip resistance and durability are all equally important. They offer a huge colour choice (Altro Suprema has 40 plain, flake and chipped options), can reproduce the natural warmth of nature (Altro Wood Safety), and their non-sparkle finish makes them perfectly suited for dementia and care homes. They’re also ideal for public areas like receptions, corridors, shops, cafes, wards and day rooms, where appearances are especially important.

Special application solutions

We’ve also developed flooring solutions for demanding environments with particular requirements.


For barefoot / shod

Wet environments such as bathrooms, shower and changing areas not only pose a constant, extremely high risk of a slip or fall from water, but they also face an additional challenge from contaminants such as shower gels, shampoo and talcum powder. Tests prove that these contaminants raise the risk level of a slip or fall, demanding a specialist solution to maintain your risk of slipping at one in a million. For these areas we have developed Altro Aquarius and Altro Pisces; different looks but the same protection for people in shoes and barefeet, in the wet and dry.

For kitchens / catering

The wet and greasy conditions of kitchens prone to frequent spillages are catered for by a 3mm safety floor which boasts Altro’s highest rating for slip resistance.

For industrial applications

A 4mm option gives enhanced resistance to chemicals, indentation and mechanical damage, making it ideal for use in locations like areas with light engineering and chemical processing.

Other solutions

We also have years of experience in the following sectors:

The products shown on this website are available in UK; they are not all available in every country outside UK. To avoid disappointment, please check availability with your local Altro consultant.