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Resin flooring

Resin floors

Combining hygiene, durability and performance, Altro epoxy and polyurethane resin flooring systems offer customers, designers and specifiers the choice they need for tailor-made resin floor covering solutions within a wide spectrum of environments.

With standard and rapid cure, functional and decorative grades, even bespoke options, Altro’s robust and versatile resin flooring are equally at home in industry, food preparation/processing, pharmaceuticals, electro-sensitive areas, health, education, defence establishments, emergency services, law enforcement, retail and a range of other environments. Resin floor coverings create a stunning impression in an entrance lobby, retail or dining area or an attractive solution for changing areas, corridors or craft rooms.

Coatings for light duty areas

AltroSeal / AltroCoat

Seal the deal with AltroSeal and AltroCoat. They provide a tough chemical and abrasion resistant, 100 - 180 micron two-coat finish for light duty areas. They are often used for dust suppression or sealing of otherwise open substrates, or as additional seal coats for thicker resin systems. Seals and coatings are suitable for moderate pedestrian traffic such as stores and plant rooms but will not be sufficient to hide substrate imperfections or texture.

Coatings for light to medium duty areas

AltroShield SF / AltroTect

Add a splash of colour to your floors and walls. Altro resin high-build coatings are used to treat concrete and other floor substrates, or finished walls to create a tough chemical and abrasion resistant 300 – 500 micron two-coat finish for light to medium duties. These high-build coatings add wear resistance and colour to provide a floor finish for environments such as warehouses and workshops.

Multi-layer coating systems
for medium to heavy duty areas

AltroCast / AltroMosaic

Combine layers to create a floor perfect for your environment. Appropriate for moderate to heavy pedestrian traffic and intermittent wheeled traffic, multi-layer coating systems provide you a variety of single colour or decorative effects with a choice of textures. Using a base of high-build coloured epoxy coating, aggregates or flakes are added, and then sealed with coloured or clear epoxy with a choice of textures and slip-resistance values, suitable for a variety of medium-duty areas with occasional heavier use.

Epoxy flow

AltroFlow EP

Flow systems are perfect for a smooth finish. They combine resin and fine aggregates to create a screed system which is applied by trowel or specialist rake. They are designed to flow freely, helping to reduce the appearance of trowel marks, but should not be regarded as entirely self-levelling. The surface of epoxy flow-applied systems is relatively smooth, with a high-gloss which reduces with abrasion associated with wear. A matt finish can also be provided to disguise this. Flow systems are typically applied in depths from 1mm to 3mm.

Epoxy screeds

Altro TB Screed / Altro TB Screed Rapicure / AltroScreed Quartz EP / AltroScreed Quartz Boutique / AltroScreed Quartz Rapicure / Altro Multiscreed EP Naturals

If you need a floor that is tough yet good looking, epoxy screeds give you both. They contain a higher percentage of aggregate than thinner systems, to provide greater depth and strength. Altro epoxy screeds are trowel-applied at depths of 3mm or greater using decorative aggregates bound in clear resin to create a variety of attractive durable floors, for medium duty areas for wheeled traffic or heavier duty pedestrian areas.

Grip systems

AltroGrip EP / AltroGrip Quartz / Altro TB + Cast / AltroGrip PU

Frequent spills or floors with an incline, grip systems can keep you steady on your feet. Altro grip systems provide you with a floor with superior slip resistance. The addition of slip-resistant aggregate to the surface of a flow-applied resin or a trowel applied screed adds safety under-foot. The size of the surface aggregate determines the extent of the slip resistance. The surface is then sealed with clear or coloured resin. We offer a variety of systems with differing thickness to suit environments from light duty to heavy duty, so whatever your activities, we can keep your users safe.

Polyurethane systems

AltroCrete PU Excel / AltroFlow PUM / AltroCrete PU Fast-Track

Expect a lot from your floor? Altro polyurethane screeds can handle the pressure. These functional resins are designed for industrial food and drink manufacture, high output kitchens and other general industrial applications. Available in self-smoothing or textured format, they can be laid in a variety of depths for medium to heavy duty. The Altro PU range has been shown to meet the requirements of the European Parliament Regulation (EC) No 852/2004 on the hygiene of foodstuffs.

Flexible systems

Altro Flexiflow

If you need a floor that goes with the flow, yet is tough, durable and of course, flexible, Altro Flexiflow makes the grade. It is a self-smoothing floor able to tolerate a degree of structural movement spanning subfloor joints to provide a completely seamless finish.

The UV stable top coat can be supplied in either smooth or slip-resistant variants, for a balance between safety and ease of cleaning. It can be renewed or refreshed as the surface shows signs of traffic during the life of the product.

Altro Flexiflow comfort option provides enhanced levels of comfort underfoot whilst the acoustic option offers reduced foot traffic noise and more extensive tactile cushioning.

Static control

AltroStat SD / AltroScreed Quartz EP SD

When safety for potentially hazardous or electronically sensitive equipment is a priority, Altro static dissipative resins are just the job. They provide all the performance benefits of epoxy resin flooring. These surfaces are often installed over a perimeter ring (or grid) of conductive tape which can be connected to electrical earth, to control the passage of electrostatic charge through an in-built path with resistance of between 5 x 104 and 2 x 106 ohms.

Vertical systems

AltroSeal UVR / AltroCoat V / AltroTect V / Altro TB Screed / Altro Mosaic

Don’t climb the walls trying to find a solution for your challenging environment. These ranges for walls provide a highly durable, hygienic and chemically-resistant finish. Typical uses include laboratories, secure / custodial units, healthcare environments, sport and defence establishments. Where other walls surfaces will fail, our vertical systems will provide you with the performance you need.

The products shown on this website are available in UK; they are not all available in every country outside UK. To avoid disappointment, please check availability with your local Altro consultant.