Slip Resistant Flooring

Altro produce a wide range of slip-resistant floor coverings covering a broad range of safety flooring requirements.

The range exceeds the latest safety and hygiene regulations offering unrivalled slip resistance and the safest flooring environment possible.

Find the perfect slip-resistant flooring product for every situation:


Suggested floor covering

Subtle and sparkle-free slip-resistant design

Altro Suprema II

Authentic wood-look finish

Altro Wood Safety

Safety flooring for wet and dry areas

Altro Aquarius

Cleanability, toughness and durability

Altro Unity 25

Low maintenance

Altro Designer 25

Adhesive-free safety flooring

Altro XpressLay


Altro Impressionist II

Original hard-wearing, slip-resistant safety floor

Altro Classic 25

Easy coving & welding

Altro Walkway 20

Shower & swimming pool slip resistant flooring

Altro Marine 20

Slip resistant flooring for wet & greasy locations

Altro Stronghold 30

Toughest safety flooring available

Altro Atlas 40

Non vinyl slip resistant flooring

Altro Tungsten

Anti-static flooring

Altro Walkway 20 SD, Altro Stat SD

Slip resistant in frequent spillage & incline areas

Altro Grip

View our full range of safety flooring and resin flooring

Slip resistant flooring from the Altro Suprema II range Slip resistant floor covering from the Altro Timbersafe II range
Altro Mirica slip resistant flooring range Slip resistant flooring from the Altro Maxis range
The Altro Designer slip resistant flooring range Slip resistant flooring range, Altro XpressLay
Slip resistant flooring from Altro Impressionist II range Every day slip resistant flooring from the Altro Walkway range
For slip resistant flooring in wet areas use Altro Marine Heavy Duty slip resistant flooring for hard working kitchens, the Altro Stronghold range
The Altro Walkway SD range, slip resistant static dissipative safety flooring AltroStat SD is a static dissipative slip resistant resin flooring