Altro safety flooring quick product overview

Whether you are driven by the need for slip resistance, safety, hygiene, colour, design, cleanability, performance or location, we have something for you.

Altro's extensive range of safety flooring exceeds the very latest safety and hygiene regulations offering unrivalled slip resistance and the safest flooring environment possible.

Altro Suprema boasts a subtle appearance and sparkle-free design, making it hugely popular with architects and designers alike.

Altro Aquarius is the perfect solution for wet-rooms, shower rooms and changing rooms as it is designed for areas where the floor may be wet or dry and people using it may or may not be wearing shoes.

With 16 authentic wood-look finishes, sparkle-free Altro Wood Safety lets you recreate the natural beauty of wood.

At 3mm thick Altro Stronghold 30 is designed for safety in wet and greasy locations, such as large kitchens and laboratories, where spillage is likely.

Altro Unity 25 affords excellent cleanability, toughness and durability. In 18 colours, its attractive appearance lends it to many applications.

The world’s first adhesive-free safety floor, award-winning Altro XpressLay will save you time, money and hassle in installation.

Easy to cove and weld, Altro Walkway 20 offers reduced installation costs. Available in a wide range of colours it also affords a static-dissipative option.

Including coloured quartz crystals in exciting base colours, Altro Designer 25 will enhance any interior. Highly flexible and easy to lay, it is designed for low maintenance.

Decorative and practical, Altro Impressionist II features coloured chips enabling it to co-ordinate easily with existing backgrounds.

Altro Classic 25 is the original hard-wearing, slip-resistant safety floor. Offering long-term durability and appearance retention, it remains perennially popular.

Specially designed for safety with wet, bare feet, Altro Marine 20 is perfect for showers and swimming pool surrounds.

Altro Atlas 40 at 4mm is our toughest safety flooring, offering enhanced resistance to mechanical damage and long-term durability.

The plasticised polyacrylate Altro Tungsten meets the need for resilience and safety where vinyl flooring is not suitable.

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