Mind That Sausage

A customer was telling me this week about someone who had slipped on a sausage which had been dropped in a corridor. The average person's reaction to this may well be to laugh as it sounds like something from a comedy sketch. Unfortunately those of us who work in the flooring industry realise this is anything but a laughing matter.

The customer in question works at a large University and the person who slipped had a nasty fall; so nasty in fact they decided to sue. Luckily for them the claimant eventually decided to settle out of court but it has still cost them several thousand pounds in compensation and court fees.

The reason the University was potentially liable is because they use smooth flooring in most public areas such as corridors. Their cleaners also polish them to a high sheen which makes them look great but also to have a high slip potential. They are now looking to change to safety flooring in all public areas.

As the leading safety flooring manufacturer we see it as an essential part of our job to encourage the use of flooring with a low potential for slip in all public and at-risk areas. We sometimes find though that it's only after being sued that clients come to us for advice on which flooring is most suitable for their needs.

We're always happy to talk through the options and risks with customers and our 'Slips & Trips' brochure and our RIBA and CPD Certification Service approved CPD is always popular so don't let my next story be about your site…

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